Christian perspective view on Climate change


Climate change is a well known issue in the Holy Bible that every student of Bible is familiar with. The foundation on climate starts with the beginning of creation, where God created the climate. In the beginning God created the planets like the Moon, Sun, Earth and other planets whether mentioned or unmentioned. He created the waters, the skies, seas, seasons and times like the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter ( Genesis 1).

God set them on cause, to work according to His plans, purpose and design. The seasons produces the climatic environment or hosts the climate. And in regards to the issue of climate change, the Holy Bible didn’t so much talk directly on the issue like climatologists or geologists or ecologists are talking or approaching it.

In fact, almost everything about climate change is understood more from the fall of man or sin of man and the eschatological perspective as a sign of end of times.
The details on this can be seen in the book of Revelation, where Apostle John the Revelator gave a graphic picture of the sign of end of times. That there will be a drastic change from the climatic perspective, and that will affect every aspect of human life. \

In fact, that will cause famine,pestilences, excessive heat, plants, livestock, living things will be affected as they dry up or died. Because of this disaster that will befall the earth as a result of climate change, there will be earthquakes in diverse places, raging of seas or storms and other climatic problems from the climatic, geological, ecological and other environmental problems etc. (Matthew 24; Revelation 6-18etc).
Written by pastor yohanna buru, The general over seer of Christ evangelical intercessory fellowship ministry kaduna south,North –western Nigeria


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