Over 150 students were sensitizes on harmful effect of Drug Abuse Among Youth ,and ways to stay abstinence


The chairman Rigasa students Association(RSA) comrade Yususa Bala Mohammed,says Drugs abuses has poses a very big problem in the world today ,and it is ruining the lives of many millions of people both in adolescent and general population.

Bala stated this during one day sallah get –together/ symposium at Ach Namadi sambo skills aquisation centre adjencent railway station at Rigasa ,igabi North western Nigeria

He said ,The use of illegal drugs has spread at a high rate and has penetrated every part of the world adding that, No nation has been spared from the devastating problem caused by drugs and substance abuse.

The comrade pointed out clearly that ,The effects of drug abuse can also include decreasing performance in work or school. This decreased performance may lead to disciplinary action, expulsion or dismissal, creating money problems and possibly even legal troubles and this can also contribute in making student Discontinuing participation in sports and other social activities

According to him, the association has gathered all the students residing in the community,so as to raise this awareness and to equally let them know the effect of drug abuses
The theme of the event is :Drug education and ways to fight it

Bala who is educanist note that drug-related deaths are on the rise across the globe ,hence the need to immensely commences sensitizing rural and urban youth on various ways to stay abstinence,so as to make their future better.
One of the side effects of drug abuse is the decreased involvement in activities the person used to enjoy, Inability to stop using the substance or change behavior, even when the problems above are present, loss of friendship and family.
Comrade also says” Today many youngsters are entering into drug addiction,but we have to let them know that Life without drugs is more beautiful because with drugs one will definitely loose his/her life.”
Additionally he said,there are many type of drugs youth and adolenscent uses in their daily lives which are very dangerous and these include;Cocaine, Heroin , Cigarettes,Alcohol – Beer, wine, Caffeine ,Marijuana ,Hydrocarbons – Glue, gasoline, cleaning solutions, varnish, paint thinners, nail polish remover, and lighter fluids, all distilled from petroleum and natural gas, belong to the class of hydrocarbons which they equally inhaled or sniffed:
He says ,in other to succeed in the fight against drugs abuse at school ,communities,and Ghettos, Teachers, parents,traditional institutes ,NGO and CSO,Youth organization, Mosques & church officials and other stakeholders has to be taken at the forefront

While we called for tougher punishment for drugs dealers

One of the students that attended the workshop expressed satisfaction


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