Climate change; Building plastic bottle-house to promote environmental protection in Africa.


Did you know that you can build your house with locally sourced and eco-friendly recycled materials? Or Do you know that with little amount of plastic bottle you can have your own House without disturbing your self about land-lord monthly payment?
The beautiful part is that most of these local building materials are easily accessible to you and the dollar exchange rate will never be a headache anymore because all the building material are at your door step.

To be frank ,these colorful homes are bulletproof, fireproof, and can withstand earthquakes. They also maintain a comfortable temperature, produce zero carbon emissions, and are powered by solar and methane gas from recycled waste

it is never difficult when you made-up your mind because Building with bottles is typically less expensive than building with bricks, as the main construction material is trash and, It is estimated that a plastic bottle takes approximately 300 years to decompose. When the bottles are filled with moist soil or other dark material, the wall can function as a thermal mass, absorbing solar radiation during the day and radiating it back into the atmosphere at night.

Indeed Plastic is everywhere in Africa. and In fact, the environment is so riddled with it,

A total of 1000 plastic bottles were collected and used in the construction of the house.Bottle walls may be made from non-recycled plastic water bottles. Although bottle walls can be constructed in many different ways, they are typically made on a foundation that is set into a trench in the earth to add stability to the wall.
The trench is filled with rubble of pea gravel and then filled with cement. Rebar can be set into the foundation to add structural integrity. Bottle walls can be one or two bottles thick,and The bottoms of the bottles, poking through the concrete, have a whimsical aesthetic to them. The tops of the bottles, visible on the inside, can also make for built-in interior decor

For generations now, baked bricks, tiles, concrete and rocks, among other construction materials, have been essentials in construction. But did you know that a house constructed using plastic bottles can save you more and be just as strong or even stronger than brick homes? Water bottle housing is an innovation aimed at providing low cost housing, while contributing to environment management

Founded by Kaduna-based NGO Development Association for Renewable Energies (DARE), with help from London-based NGO Africa Community Trust, the project is solving two problems at once by addressing the homelessness issue and helping the environment. Not only will there be less plastic in landfills, the house is designed to produce zero carbon emissions.

Plastic House help in protecting the environment against all form of Huminity


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