Importance of Schools campaigns for children on climate change


Climate change is a great topic for students to study because it integrates so many subjects: energy, environment, geography, politics, chemistry, biology, economics, and more.

Indeed It requires students to use analytical tools and math skills, and to exercise their abilities to research, think and understand complex issues.

The following would help school teachers in learning ways to train students  the importance of trees planting

.1.Student should be made the main force of this campaign

  1. They may be asked to fill undertaking to at least plant one tree once in their life
  2. They should be convinced to give saplings as gift to each other
  3. They should be motivated to plant trees at their homes, schools and places where they sit together
  4. Each student should buy a coupon to bear the cost of one tree and host of the campaign should plant that tree on behalf of that student
  5. Five extra marks may be given if a student plant a sapling and grow it as tree in one year
  6. Stickers on tree plantation should be distributed among students to motive them



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