African institute Calls on EU and AU to support local recycling companies to end plastic pollution’s causing disasters


By ibrahima yakubu

The registrar general of African institute of waste management and environmental studies Dr Ahmed lateef Taye has called on Europeans union and African Union to support all the recycling companies across the 54 African Nations, so as to tackle the manace of plastic waste causing Flood and other dangerous disasters affecting human, animals and living organism in the environment

Adding that With the increasing urbanization, waste management is a major global issue that governments ,scientists, geologist, climatologists and other environmental non governmental organization NGOs and civil society organization faces daily basis on new ways to combat the spread of plastic waste and other garbage threatening the environment .

While stressing that the overproduction of waste has been causing negative impacts on our environment and the spread of Diseases and disasters.

He made the appealled in kaduna during an interview with environmental journalists at the Nigerian union of journalists on ways to curtail the spread of plastic on the street, markets, car part, and social events centers.

He note that lack of steady electricity and support has brought many setback on the Fight against plastic pollution in the African continent and hence the need for Europeans union and African Union to come up with new strategies toward boosting the strength and capacities of local recycling plant across the region.

Ahmed equally called on federal and state government of Nigeria to support companies through tax reduction, in order to boost the potential of the Nigerian recycling industry.

Waste management involves collecting, sorting, treating, recycling, and when properly facilitated providing a source of energy and resources. Therefore, it has a huge economic potential that needs to be leveraged by public and private entities.

According to him if government through its policies can encourage the increase in size and number of recycling companies and recyclable material dealers, it will boost the industry.

He further Pointed that, The main advantage of sustainable waste management is to lessen the impact on the environment, by improving air and water quality and contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Besides, reducing food waste also helps reduce the heavy environmental cost of producing more.

It must be recalled that, Besides creating jobs through the recycling companies ,it improved waste management leads to a better quality of life for local populations, by improving hygiene conditions and reducing health risks related to illegal dumping and inadequate garbage .

It is advisable for government at all level to provide steady light in order to boost economics activities of companies

Additionally people need to be pejorising goods made in their countries from recycled waste materials to encourage locally made product

While calling on wealthy individuals across the region to equally support the local recycling companies financially, morally, so that their products could be standardized like their counterparts from developed countries


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