African Climatologist has called on Cell Phones companies to support in creating more awareness on Trees planting to fight climate change


According to the African President of network of African Climate reporters Comrade Nurudeen Bello,he says that the mobile phone-enabled information delivery mechanism has the potential to reduce the knowledge gap between large and small farmers, and also across gender by creating awareness about new technologies  and best practices that could reduce the dangers of deforestation and desertification in Africa

Adding more mobile phones companies are expected to be participating in all the activities that has to do with the promotion of climate change awareness in both Rural and urban centers all over the world

Bello pointed out that the following could be some of the role mobile phones companies would be playing in supporting Government and NGOs & CSOs  and communities organization in creating more awareness on climate change and ways to reduce global warming

1-Local Cellular Companies should be requested to join this campaign voluntarily

  1. A big cellular company can also be made partner in the campaign to promote its brand
  2. All the cellular companies should be requested to release messages to their users on tree plantation for their motivation
  3. A company can also be hired to send the messages of the campaign to as much cell numbers as available. This service is easily available in every part of the world

Mobile phone companies should also be supporting youth organization campaign in their communities through setting tress competition campaign among youth groups in schools,mosques and churches,


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