2023 elections;Nigerian Environmentalists has warned against indiscriminate pasting of posters to avert turning beautiful cities to ugly town


By ibrahima pima yakubu

2023 campaigns posters. Environmental NGOs and stake holder’s has warned against Indiscriminate Pasting of Posters in the cities and Its Implications on the Environment

A head of the forthcoming 2023 general elections, some non governmental organization that protect the environment and other experts has embarked on ceaseless campaign which is toward raising more awareness to the general public on the harmful effects of placing political posters any where in the major cities across the country.

According to the group such attitude of placing aspirants posters anywhere has in one way or the other contribute in changing the beautiful colours of the cities .

The national president metro environmental cleaning and awareness Nigeria, comrade jibril Suleiman make the called in an interview with the journalists in kaduna..

He said, very soon, there would be massive display of posters across the 36 states of Nigeria which is to mark the commencement of political rallies and campaign in the country.

Adding that Most Nigerian cities would soon be badly messed- up with all these campaign posters which can be seen, at school, markets,places of worship, under the bridges, flyovers, public houses, Road, T-junctions and some highbrow hotels,restaurants, clubs and social gathering.

( pamphlets, billboards and big posters would dominate our major cities and hence the need to remind them on where to be placing their posters not to dirty our beautiful streets)

(most of our beautiful cities would soon be chucked up and messed with plenty political posters ,and there is no proper arrangements with political partys and states ministry of environment to clean -up the cities after 2023 general elections

Jibril called on ministry of environment and all stake on environmental protections and other agency to equally Sensitizes aspirants to tell their supporters not to be placing posters any where because it’s contribute towards making the city becames dirty”

Similarly a Nigerian environmental journalist Who is equally the head of communication and languages working with African climate reporters ibrahima yakubu has emphasized on the need to educate leader of all political parties in the country on the harmful effects of placing posters any where

He said, Majority of those political thugs that are placing posters in the night are not aware of the negative incursions of pasting posters wrongly in our communities even though there are laws that forbid pasting posters indiscriminately at some places in some states.

There is a rising public chorus against posters in the environment , however, due to their potential impact on the environment if improperly collected, as well as the emissions generated in creating them.

(some posters are plastics while some are in the form of papers, reusing them would be the possible solutions)

Aside from environmental and climate concerns, promotional posters are also disliked over concerns that they can pose a threat to public safety by covering road signage and sometimes forcing cyclists out of cycle lanes

Adding that believe me or not, most major cities of Nigeria would soon have a new looks, as they would decorated with colourful posters of political candidates across the 36 states of Nigeria. .

He called on INEC and NGOs that promote good leadership in democratic government in the country to equally joined the campaign

While calling on government to get candidates to pay special levies, so that after campaigns, people can be paid to remove all the posters ,and other pamphlets in the environment. .

He advocate for a poster-free environmental fight ,so as to reduce the use of posters in the environment.

It could be recalled that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has set dates for the commencement of the presidential, National Assembly, governorship and state assembly campaigns by political parties.

The commission said campaign for presidential and National Assembly elections will commence on September 28, 2022 while that of governorship and state houses of assembly will commence on October 12, 2022.

While calling on Nigerians to embrace using media for the promotion of their aspirant during and after the 2023 general election


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