Businessmen In Africa were encouraged to promote trees plantation campaign through their company’s brands & their packaging for public awareness


The following are some of the key point that would help Bussinessmen in Africa to adopt in spreading the message of climate change

  1. Businessmen should be requested to print tree plantation messages on their brands and their packaging for public awareness
  2. They should be appealed to donate more and more for the effective launch of tree plantation campaign
  3. They should be motivated to plant trees within the premises of their offices if possible
  4. Business associations should also be approached to plant trees in the premises of their offices
  5. They should be made aware not to make new construction without doing its EIA (environmental impact assessment) and fully offset the cutting of trees by planting several times more than they cut
  6. Their staff should also be made aware to plant trees wherever it is possible

Climate change has environmental, social, political, and economic repercussions. Extreme and unpredictable weather conditions, floods, droughts, rapid snowmelt, and rising sea levels are among the major climate change challenges for business operations, and have direct implications for commerce globally. Companies in developing nations are particularly vulnerable. Climate change will have a domino effect on agricultural and production operations. For example, a reduction in the supply of agricultural products and scarcity of water may lead to a reduced food supply and threats to food security, a rapid global increase in commodity prices, social and political unrest, inflation, and finally economic slowdown. With such a scenario, business will not be as usual.

Business will face challenges as never before if climate change impact is not better understood and no steps are taken towards appropriate solutions. Now is the time for corporate leaders to rethink very carefully their business models, business priorities, and business sustainability, and to consider what climate change may mean for their objectives. How can companies minimise the impact of climate change, lower their risk, adapt to the change, and take advantage of the opportunities that are available?
The threat climate change poses to the world economy may be why some companies have committed to steps beyond just sourcing renewable energy


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