Role of Top celebrities/Musicians in the campaign against climate change in African Communities to save the region from desertification & Global warming


Taking action on climate change has been getting a wave of new celebrity endorsements lately, and it’s helping to rapidly capture people’s attention in new ways.

Celebrity culture has a way of working its way into people’s personal and everyday lives so it’s great when celebrities use their star power to raise awareness for important issues – like climate change.

Here are some of the key point that could help celebrities in participating in Trees planting  campaign ,with the aims of  reducing  deforestation and climate change threat to human and Animals

1-A letter to each showbiz and sports celebrity of the area should be written to promote the campaign

2-. They should be invited in grassroots-level activities of the campaign

3-. Their messages should also be recorded to release through electronic and net media

4-. Their message should be printed on public transport for the motivation of people

5- Singers should be requested to make a song on tree plantation


In order to understand the role celebrities play in the cultural politics of climate change, it is important to establish how celebrities have come to occupy privileged positions within 21st-century media, culture, and politics.

Throughout history, famous or well-known individuals have featured commonly within many cultures across the globe (Braudy, 1997), reflecting and re-inscribing the characteristics held in esteem within their particular societies.

Consequently, historical fame reflected social structures that valorized rigid class distinctions and legitimized the inherited positions of social elites (Inglis,2010).

Despite these historical precedents of fame, contemporary celebrity culture is commonly understood within academic literature as a phenomenon of predominantly Western origin, arising in the 20th century (Schickel, 2000, p. 21; see also Rojek, 2012).

However, just as historical fame acted as an indicator of the moral, political, or economic orthodoxies of a society, due to the corresponding elevation of those individuals who embodied such ideals to the level of “famous,” contemporary celebrity culture reveals much about current global societies.

In this instance, celebrity reflects and validates, to some degree, ideas of social mobility and the political ascendancy of the crowd, and is informed by what P. David Marshall credits as the “twinned discourses of modernity: democracy and capitalism”


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