Ramadan: Nigerian pastor mobilises 1000 Religion Leaders To embark on ceaseless Preaching Against Hike In Price Of Commodities


Ahead of this year 2023 holy month of Ramadan amids of high cost of living, and scarcity of fuel and naira notes across the country

Saying that,now is the time to remember widows, the physically challenged persons,inmates, orphans and IDPs so that they too,could have a relief in the holy month.

The general overseer of Christ evangelical and life intervention ministry pastor Yohanna Buru has expressed readiness towards mobilize over 1000 Christian and Muslim volunteers to visit markets and plead with traders not to hike price of commodities.

In a statement made available to the press this morning, he said in less than 3 weeks, Muslims round the world would start 30 days fasting and prayers, and hence the need to appealled to marketers not to take advantage of the holy month to create artificial scarcity and hording of foodstuffs.

Buru said the campaign would assist in making some of the marketers to reduce price of the commodities and its will enable fasting Muslims buy its at affordable price.

According to him, every year ahead of Ramadan period, he normally kicks off this campaign in which he visits markets in Kaduna And some part of northern Nigeria to talk to the marketers to help towards reducing the price of food stuff and other commodities.

This year 2023 campaigns is expected to start from next week and is going to spread to all the markets across the North with the aims of calling and appealing to marketers to cut down prices.

he said they would visit markets across the North with the advocacy,so that Muslims could afford to buy foodstuffs as the Ramadan fasting begins.

He said, this has become mandatory in view of the rising prices of food commodities in the markets as the Holy month approaches.”

While stressing that Every year before starting the Ramadan , Muslim and Christian clerics do usually meet with some of the marketers and discuss on the importance of the holy month, calling on them not to take advantage of the holy month and double the price of foodstuff or create artificial scarcity,” he said.

He said they have mobilised 1000 volunteer Christian-Muslim clerics across the north to help in their “Cut-down-your-price campaign ” to all market unions across the North.

Pastor Buru said this is his 12th time of visiting many markets in Kaduna ahead of Ramadan in order to stress the need to cut down prices of goods to enable Muslims have access to them at affordable prices.

The clerics are going to visit Sheik Gumi Central Market, Railway market, and Barnawa market, among others.

“We want Muslims to buy foodstuffs and fruits at affordable prices throughout the 30 days while breaking their Fast.

God will be angry with any trader that doubles the price of his goods just because he want to take advantage of the holy season, such marketer will not enter paradise,” he warned.

While calling for prayers for the peace and stability of the nation for the gubernatorial elections

Similarly, imam Ibrahim Musa, one of the Northern Nigeria Islamic scholar said ,all is set for next week to visit the market and apppealled to the market’s on the importance of holy month of Ramadan

He said, there are plenty blessings in cuttings down foodprice

God has plenty reward for any marketer that reduces the price’s of foodstuffs during the Holy month of Ramadan

“there are plenty bonanza for him as God would reward him abundantly ”

The imam ended by saying, they have organised over 1000 Muslims clerics and Christians to preach for reduction of foodstuffs price’s


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