Earth day 2022;Every year First annual rainfall killeds Many aquatic animals in Nigerian river, there by polluting the Marine ecosystems


By ibrahima yakubu

Scientists, climatologist and environmental journalists expressed worries over how first torrential annual rainfall do usually killed Thousands of Animals water as a result of washing away hazardous chemical ,trash & plastic pollution from the communities into the Nigerian River/oceans and big Sea.

Climatologist counsels Nigerians against indiscriminate dumping of wastes and its impact on aquatic mamals ,as these attitudes pollute the ecosystem

Some volunteer environmentalist , science-climatologist,and environmental journalists who visited some river bank in kaduna with the aims of check mating the harmful impact and assessment of last night Rainfall to the marine animals and other living organism residing in the river, streams

They expressed dissatisfaction over the huge tons of plastic wastes and other garbage that enter into the river from various communities.

It was observed that due to human activities of dumping all sort of trash and other dangerous chemical into Gutter, streams,and other dump center, last night rain fall has led to the dead of many fishs ,frogs and other aquatic animals

Human irrational activities has caused serious reduction to marine population world-wide hence the need to join hands with every stake holders to reduce the volume of trash and Garbage and other E-waste trash that is capable of killing millions of aquatic mammals every years.

The assistance Director of African Climate Reporters, comrade Mohammed Zakari, has called on Nigerians to change from the ‘culture’ of throwing away plastic and garbage on the streets, car-parks, bust station, railway train stations and others, in other to save the environment against all forms of trash, filthiness and pollution, and to avert any tendency of outbreak of health disaster.

Mohammed, who made the call during an interactive section with some environmental jouranalists that take a tour of some of the River Bank this morning , said there are estimated 1 million plastic bags used every minute, and a single plastic bag can take 1,000 years to degrade!
Adding that every year, he used to come to the river with his entourage to check mate the impact of the trash that comes out of the communities,and how they killed many animals that are living inside the water.
“its really unfortunate to see how plastic and other waste pollution dominate the number of marine lives in Nigerian river/oceans”

Many animals water dies silently every year due to human attitutes of dumpimg all sort of trash and garbage.hence the need to change now ,before many water species are gone”

said there is need to raise more awareness to the public on the dangers of throwing away all forms of trash into the street in plastic bags and other plastic wastes.

According to him, it is the responsibility of every citizen to save the environment against all forms of challenges, which could be a form of threat to existence of human and animal lives.

Mohammed stressed that, “If you go to the car park, fuel station, football stadium and even train station, you will see many plastic leathers dominating the places.

Poor awareness on the danger posed by plastic leathers is the reason behind the wild spread of plastic waste in the society.”

“The number of plastic in Nigerian river has out number the number of marine live in the river hence the need to raise more awareness on the harmful effect of throwing aways all kind of trash and garbage into the steam and River”

“as the you can see,this is were all the community trash come and stay, they killed many aquatic and become more danger to the soil and othe living organisim”

Responding, national president ,Kaduna Metro Environment and Awareness, Comrade Jibril Mohammed, stressed the need to support the recycling companies across northern Nigeria.

He emphasized that, “Government needs to help most of the recycling companies with steady electricity, in order to reduce the plastic polluting disturbing the society.”

In addition, he said “The effects of throwing garbage anywhere poses a great danger to human, animal and even plants, aside creating a mess and negatively affecting the appearance of the surrounding.

Indeed, the rotting waste and garbage start to stink and hungry animals lurk around to feed on it,” he noted.

In his own remark, team leader of ‘Save the Environment,’ Mr. Paul Isaac, said “Throwing garbage anywhere is an open invitation to the breeding of parasites, pathogens and, ultimately, the spread of various harmful diseases,” and called on Nigerians to change their attitudes of blocking water passage and stop any construction on waterways to avert flood and other environment challenges.

Some fishermen and other business men and women along the river banks narrated how human irratitional activities has led to the reduction of fish species,and the disappearance of other aquatics including Crocodies and hippotame

They stressed the need to raise more and more awareness to the general public to change this attitude of throwing trash into the gutter as the rain start


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