How Much Water is There on Earth?


Do you know what refers to our earth as a “blue planet”? Well, the answer is its water content, which is about 71% all around the earth. From this, you can estimate that the hydrosphere surrounds a huge portion of the earth.
Water on earth is indeed an infinite source, but the sources of potable water are limited. If we do not take the right steps, then we might face drastic scarcity.

Every day we consume water as it will reform again and again. However, this usage rate can lead us to have to someday buy water in a pouch for everyday use. Can you imagine life without water?

Well, the first form of life was also seen underwater. From which it’s clear that water is essential for survival. We waste a considerable amount of water for several human requirements, yet the water level remains the same due to a natural phenomenon, hydro-logic, or water cycle.

That doesn’t mean the amount of water we use regularly will refill after all type of wastage. The water cycle is affected by several anthropological activities, which will prevent our water bodies from refilling itself.

Thus, if we really want to save water on earth, we need to take responsibility. For that reason, we are here with you to provide knowledge about how much water we really have for our regular use. Let’s dive right in.


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