Nigeria : NGO Sensitizes over 10,000 Youths, Women in peace building For the period of 10 years of existance


By ibrahima pima

The founder of a Non Governmental organization (Peace Revival and recounciliation Foundation of Nigeria) pastor yohanna buru has said since the creation of his NGO Ten years ago, it was recorded that over 10,000 children, women and youth from different faith base organization across the 36 states of Nigeria including some west African countries were been trained on peace and religious tolerance.

According to him,The Ngo has taken many peace building campaigh to merely all the states of Nigeria , with the aims of sensitizing Muslims ,Christians and other traditional believers on the need to Tolerate ,accommodate and enhance better understanding among different faith organization.

Buru mention that his organization has taken various peace Campaign,awareness and rallies to Churches, mosques, Temples,f ootball stadium, Market, schools, Clubs ,football view center and traditional wrestling places ,so as to promote peace,unity and educate citizens on the importance of Tolerating each other irrespective of his tribe, religious and his ethnicity background.

He said, His organization has achieved huge success during this 10 years of existence because it was able to reduce hatred among different faith base organization.

Stressing that , Peaceful coexistence, showing respect to others in one’s social life, respecting the others’ rights and using the potentialities and capacities of all people to seek social growth and perfection are among the goals that all heavenly books have emphasised and considered as the final goal under the titles of ‘happiness’, ‘prosperity’ and ‘deliverance’

The Christian clerics added that in each and every week,he takes campaign to various places dispite the distance and insecurity challenges bedeviling peace stability in the region.

He said, his organization has been organizing reading and written competition among youth with the aims of strengthening them with religious books and how to live in peace and harmony with every one without looking at his religious and cultural diference.

Buru pointed that his Ngo usually organize football matches between musllims and Christians youth and also using cylise game and skating to unity youth ,to shun vengeance and attacks

We must join hands together and pray to Almighty God to bring an end to corruption, banditry, terrorism, robbery, kidnapping and unnecessary killing of human beings in the region.” ‘

“Our education, agriculture, health, and economy are facing a serious threat due to insecurity and other challenges bedevilling peace, stability in the entire region.”

“Until our leaders from the entire region including former heads of state/and various religious leaders and traditional title holders with scholars from various tertiary institutes come together and find out ways and solution to the current situation, that’s when the region would regain its lost integrity.”

He ended by saying this Ten years,has enabled him travel to many places round the world, adding that he makes many friends


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