A patriotic citizen build modern Health center for rural dwellers, to reduce maternal and infant deaths in villages


Ungwar Jatau community, located behind National Teachers Institute NTI ,in igabi local government ,kaduna state North western Nigeria , which is exactly about 7 kilometers to a town call Rigachikum is a community of peace loving people.

The population of the habitant is large in number , as Majority of the settlers were Gwaji by tribe which are predominantly local farmers,while women were into petty business,as most of them remains as house wives

The community has been in existence for hundreds of years,but lack of PHC appears to be one of the greatest challenges disturbing the resident in the area for many year
The district head of the community mr Musa Gadani told journalists that visited the village that ,Today is the greatest day in the history of the village and the people of unguwan Jatau , because for many years back, before the construction of this Primary health care,Many pregnant women prefer giving birth during dry season than in rainy season due to the bad nature of the road which usually lead to so-many miscarriage among our women

He said , we are really greatful to almighty God for the Good job done by senator shehu sani for constructing such a big PHC building which is for the community people , and also for the neighboring villages ,and its an effort by the senator to fight maternal and infants death in the rural area.
”we don’t know how to expressed our happiness to senator shehu sani for constructing such a huge modern PHC in the village ,because he has done what we never though some one could do it for us for many years ,”

“we never though of having such a health structure in the this local community, but we are simply saying May Almighty God bless him , and we are ready for him at 2019,because we believed in him”
Gadani further pointed out that, they never thought of benefitting anything from a Nigerian politicians, simply because they have been deceiving them for many years ago, also stating that, they never thought of some one coming to their village to construct such a good structure for the women and children.
Adding that ,year back,many women have suffered a lot when it comes to the issues of going to hospital for anti-natal or any medical check up,

According to the district head,very few people has motorcycle, bicycle ,
He said ,due to large distance barriers for accessing health facilities from the village to town ,many prepared using traditional ways ,while very few accept going to hospital for delivery as a result of series of challenges associated with health in the village
The lack of social amenities and other infrastructures facilities in the area which include Road,electricity,water,youth unemployment etc is another great factors disturbing development in the entire villages that are sharing neighborhood with unguwan Jatau
The district head said, we must thank the journalists that visited the community some years back in which they look into the critical challenges of health matters disturbing our women and children in the community ,and indeed this is part of their contribution which attracted the senator to construct the PHC for us
He said,the journalist rises awareness about our existence in this villages, and glory be to God,we have seen changes today

Mrs Christiana Zachariah is the women leader of the community ,she also expressed her happy to God for the PHC which was constructed by kaduna central senator,
She said,God has a way of blessing any one that do something to save humanity,
Christiana says, before the arrival of the PHC,many women in the village has suffered badly ,adding that most of them usually spend 2 to 3 hours on the road,due to the bad nature of the road to go to hospital.

Research indicate that senator shehu sani has constructed many of these type of PHC in Kaduna senatorial zone 2


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