Public health advice on preventing health effects of heat season 2022


The most important actions to take during a heat-wave are: to avoid or reduce exposure, to communicate risks effectively, to take particular care of vulnerable population groups and to manage mild and severe heat illness.

This information package provides advice for the general public, medical professionals and health services:

1 Information for the general public during heat-waves
2.For health authorities, medical professionals and care providers: Risk factors for heat illness and mortality
3′ For medical professionals and care providers: Health conditions that create high risk of health impacts from heat
4’For medical professionals: Adverse effects of medications during hot weather
5’For medical professionals: Considerations regarding drinking advice during hot weather and heat-waves

Information for general practitioners
Information for retirement and care home managers

1-For medical professionals: Mild and moderate heat illnesses and their management
2- For medical professionals: Management of life-threatening heatstroke
3- For the general public and care home managers: Reducing indoor temperatures during hot weather
4-For health authorities: Information on protecting health from vegetation fires during heat-waves
5- For the public: Information on how to protect your health from vegetation fires during heat-waves
6- For health authorities, care home managers and employers: Occupational safety during heat-waves: ISO standard
7- For health authorities and city planners: Interventions in the built environment for the protection of health from impacts of heat
8- For health authorities: Communicating “heat”


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