African Farmers to rise-up and fight climate change through Trees planting to saves their land against desertification


The cost of establishing saplings, understanding what to plant and where to plant them, knowing what machinery and expertise you need to manage them, and having a use for the wood once its grown can be enough to put off many land owners and managers.

But planting and managing trees doesn’t have to be that daunting, and planting trees on your farm can actually bring a wealth of benefits, regardless of your farming system.

The following are some of point that could help farmers to join the rest of the world in the campaign against deforestation and desertification

  1. Farmer organizations should be contacted to involve them in tree plantation campaign
  2. Farmers should be convinced to plant trees at their farming fields and leave no free space idle
  3. Incentives should be given to farmers to establish orchards also apart from simply relying for livelihood on crops

4. In rural areas all free space must be used to plant trees wherever it is possible and farmers should be motivated to join the drive for this purpose


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