Foundation wants climate change education in Nigeria school curriculum.


A Non governmental Organisation under the auspices Foundation for Protecting Women and Children has called for the introduction of climate change education in both Nigerian Primary, secondary and Tertiary school Institution.

The Founder of the organization, comrade Ramatu Tijjani disclosed this while speaking to the media in Kaduna North –western Nigeria,so as to trained young once at the early age on various ways to contribute in protecting their environment.

She also urged African union (AU) to mandate all African leaders, to introduce climate change education in all school in their Countries in order to save the region from all forms of threat and related diseases associated with climate changes.

Ramatu further said the steps will help young children in the entire African countries understand and address the impact of global warming, and to encourage changes in the perspective view of climate education among little ones for the safety of their environment
According to her ,Climate change has caused the extinctions of many species of aquatic lives that we usually see those days back including type of common local fish that were usually found in stream,river etc,

“Nigeria primary, secondary and tertiary school curriculum need to incorporate climate change issues like the rest of the world into the classrooms subject because Education is an essential element of the global response to climate change”

She then appealed to government at all levels, stakeholders, Ministry of Agriculture and Environment and all Nigerians to scale up awareness creation efforts to boost tree planting,so as to save Nigeria from increasing threat related to desertification,deforestation and global warming.


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