Planting trees is everyone’s responsibility to save environment against climate change and ecological challenges


Nigerians has been called upon to take the responsibility of planting trees in their neighbourhoods as a contribution to the government’s target to make the country green.

This is contain in a statement sign by the patron Dr yusuf Nadabo on Saturday while stressing the need to involved every stakeholder to support the fight against Global warming ,desertification, deforestation, Guilly erosion and other forms of environmental degradation that the affecting the country.

Flood has ravaged many communities across the country there by washing away many farm cross,

He said , Trees are the stabilizers of the planet’s ecosystem. Adding that as forests return moisture to the air, they are fundamental in the formation of clouds, helping to regulate weather patterns, and as previously mentioned, participate in the production of breathable air for all surface life on the planet.

Trees play an important role in controlling the excessive greenhouse gases that are resulting in global warming. Trees absorb the CO2 and in the return release a sufficient amount of oxygen in the air that are helpful for human and wildlife

Nadabo also pointed that the demand for firewood and charcoal business is threatening the existence of Nigerian forestry hence to encouraged local bakeries to embrace new ways of baking in order to stop consuming forest trees.

According to him, As climate change and global warming become more of a threat to our planet’s ecosystem, ignorance and inaction must be replaced by attention and care for our urban and forest tree populations to survive.

He said Trees play a vital role in promoting the health of human beings and wildlife.

He also said, Trees help holding soil in place and stop runoff on stream slopes or hillsides. Acting like a filter, trees prevent storm water pollution carrying to oceans and reduce runoff by breaking rainfall
He warned hunters against bush fire while hunting wildlife


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