African Government at all level were advised to be pro-active in the fight against climate change in their region


The slow reaction by African Government and other Agencies that were set aside in the daily battle against climate change and Global warming in the region is becoming worrisome,in recognising the significant role of non-state actors in the implementation of the Paris Agreement ,and call on the African non-state actors to enhance cooperation and partnerships with African governments and development partners, so as to intensify national climate actions, in other  to save the region against all forms of desertification and global warming threat to natural vegetation and climatic condition

Indeed ,in view of the serious set –back that faces the series of programs that were introduce in some years back with the aims  fighting  against climate change,and desertification in the entire region ,African Climate Reporters then deem it fit to appealed to  All African Government at all level  to use the following ideas in planting trees ,so as to reduce the rapid speed of climate change that is impacting on Agricultural land and other useful natural vegetation in sahara

  1. The highest boss of the government should be requested to issue an order to all subordinate offices to plant trees in the premises of their buildings
  2. Meeting should be held with top bosses of the government to motivate people around them to plant trees and save their environment
  3. Government should be pressurized to allocate more and more funds to plant trees and help others plant trees in community areas
  4. Government should also be asked to do research to point out plants most-fit for the area
  5. Government forestry experts should also be requested to guide the communities how to plant a tree
  6. Every government officer should be made bound to plant at least one tree in his house, in community area or at the office
  7. Government officers should be trained on importance of tree plantation and how to plant trees and enjoy their benefits
  8. In every new construction at a government office, its contractor should be made bound legally to plant maximum trees inside and around the new construction
  9. No approval of new construction should be granted unless the applicant government department gives undertaking in writing to plant more and more trees in it


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