Role of African Environmental Journalists in the fight against Climate change & environmental pollution


It is perfectly clear that African Media practitioners play a critical role in highlighting environmental issues and climate change

The question that is always asked ,How can environmental journalists improve the African narrative on climate change and environmental sustainability? How can they carry climate change campaign to the rural dwellers?

The following are some of the ways Environmental journalist can use when promoting Trees planting

  1. They must be made main leaders of the campaign
  2. The data base of their emails should be developed as top priority to involve them in the drive
  3. They should be updated on campaign regularly preferably daily at a specified time
  4. They should also be informed through phone of each component of the activity daily
  5. An SMS should also be sent to them hour before each program

Journalists should not be afraid to ask scientists to explain jargon and scientific concepts. “Environmental and climate change scientists, researchers and experts will always help to ensure the stories are factual. Environmental stories deal with complex ethical and scientific issues, sending back a story for proof reading by an expert for factual correction is both ethical and useful


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