Global Scientist Urgently Alert Citizens: Combat Indiscriminate Solid Waste Disposal to Safeguard Communities from Flood Disasters and Waterborne Diseases


By ibrahima yakubu

Climatologist and Director of African Climate Reporters, Comrade Nurudden Bello, Urges Urgent Action to Prevent Flood Disasters and Waterborne Diseases

Comrade Nurudden Bello, a renowned climatologist from the College of Health Science and Technology, has issued a grave warning to citizens regarding the indiscriminate littering of solid waste in the environment. He emphasizes the urgent need to halt this practice in order to avert food disasters and the spread of waterborne diseases within communities.

During an interactive session with stakeholders addressing ecological challenges faced by local communities in Kaduna and other Northern States of Nigeria, Bello highlighted the significant contribution of such careless waste disposal to flood disasters, dangerous infections, and environmental pollution.

Bello called for collective efforts to combat the spread of flood disasters and other ecological challenges that adversely impact humans, animals, and the environment. He urged citizens to maintain clean and tidy surroundings by preventing trash and garbage from clogging gutters, thus safeguarding their homes from potential floods and ecological disasters.

Emphasizing that gutters are not intended for solid waste, he cautioned against dumping garbage into them as it leads to flooding, detrimentally affecting aquatic life and other species in the environment. Bello stressed the importance of preserving aquatics and averting waterborne diseases by refraining from depositing trash in gutters.

He urged citizens to adopt cleanliness as a civic duty, emphasizing that improper waste disposal obstructs the flow of water in gutters. Bello further appealed for an end to the dumping of garbage and trash into rivers and oceans, as it poses a significant threat to the survival of aquatic animals and increases the risk of their extinction.

Furthermore, Bello mentioned plans to utilize social media platforms to raise awareness among millions of African youths about the harmful effects of disposing of plastic waste and polythene bags into rivers and oceans.

He also called upon SEMA (State Emergency Management Agency), NEMA (National Emergency Management Agency), the Red Cross, and other humanitarian organizations to intensify their efforts in educating the general public about the hazards associated with dumping hazardous chemical waste into gutters.

In summary, Comrade Nurudden Bello, a prominent climatologist, advocates for immediate action to prevent flood disasters and waterborne diseases. He urges citizens to cease the indiscriminate dumping of trash into gutters and emphasizes the need to raise awareness among the public about the detrimental consequences of improper waste disposal.


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