IMC celebrate harmony week with persons with disabilities in kaduna


IMC celebrate harmony week with persons with disabilities in kaduna

The one day event organise by interfaith mediation center kaduna Supported by: Opus Peace Prize, USA was aimed at promoting peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance among different faith-based organizations in the state.

In a Communique issued at the World Interfaith Harmony Week – Inspiring the Vulnerable on the Theme: “Love of the Good” and “Love of the Neighbor”

Held at Butterfly and Garden Suites, Marafa Estate Kaduna
Saturday, 11th February, 2023

The participants mostly Persons with disability raised some of the challenges they face on a daily basis in the society that includes:

Stigmatization by some members of the public, lack of physical environment, inability to access polling units during elections, lack of full implemention of people with disability Act.

Others challenges are: policy makers failure to dialogue with them, so that they can contribute and make inputs in decision making process, inability to access soft loans, depriving them of their rights as citizens of Nigeria.

At the event they resort and make their passionate appeal and requested on the followings:

That due to lack of self confidence among their members, poverty, and are more exposed to danger before, during and after the elections, lack of capital to start business.
We the participants suggested thus:

There is urgent need for the authorities concerned to create more awareness against showing their members discrimination in the society.

The pleaded for the Person’s with Disability to have more physical and conducive environment to strive in life.

Policy makers should engage their members with skills and knowledge that they can contribute towards nation building.

Polling units should be accessible for person’s with Disability during the forthcoming general elections for their members to exercise their rights.

INEC and security agencies should provide adequate security for them, so that they don’t face challenges with the process.

Our right should not be infringed, because we are bonafide Nigerian citizens.

People should be encourage to patronize their products, because they produced it with their own hands.

Need more skills acquisition training so that they should be self reliant.

Co-Executive Director Interfaith Meditation Center (IMC)
Imam Muhammad Nurayn Ashafa
Rev. Dr. James Movel Wuye

Coordinator of the activities of People with Disability, Kaduna State branch Mohammed Rilwan Abdullahi

Dr Micah Sabi, Person’s with Disability


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