Peace journalism network mobilize over 100 journalists and bloggers to strengthen interreligious harmony in Nigeria


By Ramatu Diallo

The peace journalism network in Nigeria has sensitised over 100 journalists,bloggers, social media activist on the need to strengthen peace and and developmental journalism with the aims of promoting interreligious dialogue and tolerance among adherence of different faith base organizations

The group headed by Ambassador ibrahima yakubu emphasized on taking the peace campaigns through out the interfaith week and harmony 1st -7th to promote peace, love and unity to market, school ,communities ,train station, bus station and football pitch with View centers

The aims of using the interfaith week and harmony was to trained more journalists and bloggers on peace journalism across the 36 states of Nigeria while sensitising thousands of their followers across the globe.

The media can serve as a driver of peace in diverse ways: building bridges between people and groups; improving governance; increasing knowledge of complex issues; providing early warning of potential conflicts; as an outlet to express emotions; and as a motivator for action to promote peace.

According to him, they are going to used facebook, instagram, twitter and social media Flatform to educate the youths on promoting peaceful coexistence, religious tolerance and better understanding among different faith base organization

The media can publicize the principles of human rights and other moral norms, and can act to enforce those norms by publicizing violations. They can also focus public censure on hate groups. They can publicize and support peace-keeping operations.

He added that the essence of the campaign was to promote harmony among Nigerians regardless of religion, tribe, culture and ethnicity

Yakubu urged media organizations to promote peace through their reportage, saying there was also the need for non governmental organization (NGOs) to take the campaigns to rural and urban areas of the country.

The ease and speed of communications through social media platforms can promote peace-building by forging connections between communities and improving awareness about conflict prevention

He urged Nigerians to embrace religious tolerance in order to live in peace and harmony saying the country’s diversity was a gift from God

Adding that Training of journalists in peace journalism as well as a range of peace interventions carried out by the media themselves contributed to a marked reduction in election-related violence

“we are going to engage more media and bloggers towards promoting peace journalism across the country ”

Madia organization from various outlets the training

Similarity, one of the most journalist John Legend from a different organizations calls on government to help spreading the activities of interfaith week and harmony

Adding that it would help towards restoring peace and unity among n


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