Seminar on interreligious /multicultural dialogue by Nigerian clergies to boost socio-cultural and religious tolerance among different faith-based organizations


By Ramatu Diallo

The one day seminar and workshop Was organise by pastor yohanna buru the general overseer of Christ evangelical and life intervention ministry kaduna state north western Nigeria to mark 2023 world international interfaith week and harmony by united nation.

Hundreds of youths ,Women,women , traditional holders and religious leader from 19 states of Northern Nigeria were in attendance to grace the occasion.

The aims seminar /workshop was to educate the adherance of different faith base organization on the need to strengthen Christian and Muslims relationship in the the region ,to enhance peace, love, unity among Nigerians.

According to him the interfaith week provide huge opportunity for everyone to get together to each other, and understand how to live in peace and harmony with one another for peace to reign in the region.

Pastor yohanna buru added that Interreligious dialogue must be followed by action and inspire working together to shape a culture of peace and harmony, said officials during the seminar .

He said, been the winner of United Nations world international interfaith week and harmony 2023, he has educate many Nigerians through the media and social media networks on how to boost Christian and Muslims relationship in the region.

While adding that,they want to show that genuine interfaith dialogue and trialogue has to be preceded by religious tolerance that acknowledges differences and celebrates our distinctive paths.

Responding, imam Muhammad salisu from plateau state, stressed the need for Muslims and Christians to live in peace and harmony .

He said, the seminer/workshop which focuses on the inter-disciplinary study of inter-cultural and inter-religious issues with the aim of promoting peace, both regionally and globally,

While saying that the seminer would help towards reducing ethnicity clashes and political tensions ahead of this year Nigerian general elections

He note that many youths were train on how to boost peaceful coexistence among different faith-based organizations to tackle conflicts and crisis bedevilling peace stability in the region

Similarly, one of the Muslim youth leader Bello Mohammed says the interfaith week and harmony has helped both Muslims and Christians to learned various ways of each other for peace and progress


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