Nigerian environmentalist marked 10 years of weekly River Clean-up to save aquatic animals against extinctions


For 10 years, A Nigerian volunteer environmentalist has been cleaning -up the river bank from trash and garbage to save aquatics from extinctions

The national president of a non- governmental organization ( Kaduna metrol environment and awareness initiative) comrade Jibril Suleman has for the past 10 years going to kaduna river bank,dams,water reservoirs and other streams , with the aims of collecting ,gathering ,hand picking of plastic with the sole purpose of cleaning -up trash and other garbage ,so as to save all the aquatic animals and other species against going extinctions.

According to him, there are many endangered species in the river as a result of human irrational activities of dumping all kind of trash, garbage ,dangerous chemical substance into the river which are very harmful to the existence to the aquatic mammals.

Marine mammals, of course, don’t understand the dangers plastics pose to them. This problem was created by humans, and only humans can fix it\

He said, for 10 years, he has been visiting many river banks that are closer to communities ,while raising more awareness to the general public on the dangers associated with dumping all sort of trash and garbage into the river,ocean.

There is poor awareness to the general public on harmful implication of suffocating marine marine .

Many marine mamals has gone extinction in Nigeria such as crocodies, turtles, varieties of fish species,,craps, etc

“we don’t see the type of fish we do usually see in the north,and all these is attributed to himan irrational activities of polluting the marine environment”

Humans are driving one million species to extinction and hence the need to quickly bring an end to the continuous attack on oceanic animals.

Stressing that every weekend, he visit the river banks , in order to collect waste and other dangerous substance from harming the aquatic mammals.

Adding that Nature is declining globally at rates unprecedented in human history , and the rate of species extinctions is accelerating, with grave impacts on people around the world

He note that recent United nation report indicate that around 1 million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction, many within decades, more than ever before in human history.

Jibrin added that Human being are contributing to the daily extinctions of oceanic mamals and other species across the universe through various activities related to polluting the marine environment

He then called on more ministry of environment, concerned citizens, environmental NGos, Disaster management to support toward raising more awareness to the general public on dangers associated with dumping all sort of dangerous chemical and plastic waste into the river and other oceans

Responding ,the director African Climate reporters Mr nurudden bello, over 100 million marine animals die each year from plastic waste alone across the planet

Stressing that over 100,000 marine animals die from getting entangled in plastic yearly and other plastic waste and garbage across the universe
“Believed me or not”Plastic in our oceans is killing marine mammals on daily bases while many died silently due to various traps and poiosns by human activities”

Further more, It’s estimated that 56 % of the planet’s whale, dolphin and porpoise species have consumed plastic, but to understand why you need to see the world as they do.

The director called on Nigerian to always Participate in beach or community clean-ups to save marine mamals across the universe

While calling on every citizens to Recycle everything they can to save the environmenmt against all sort of pollution


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