Nigerian Climate group advocate for more campaign against environment degradation


Press Release* ;GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL AND CLIMATE CONSERVATION INVITIATIVE( GECCI )announces new adaptation activities.

Women and persons with disabilities should be part of the decision making at national and local levels regarding allocation of resources for climate change initiatives

*GECCI for persons with disabilities:* Because a disproportionate number of disabled people live in poverty, and individuals who live in poverty are naturally more vulnerable to climate change, disabled people are more severely affected by it.

The heightened risks that disabled persons face as a result of climate change are not commonly recognized.

GECCI’s approach to addressing the rights and needs of persons with disabilities through meaningful involvement, inclusion, and leadership in disaster risk management and climate-related decision-making methods at the local, national, regional, and global levels is based on human rights.

*GECCI for Women in Action is dedicated to empowering women* .

Women must take the lead in finding more fair and long-term solutions to climate change.

Women’s creativity and expertise have impacted lives and livelihoods across sectors, improving climate resilience and general well-being.

Improving women’s climate change adaption
Women are not just portrayed as victims of climate change, but also as active and effective agents and promoters of adaptation and mitigation, notwithstanding their vulnerability.

Women have developed knowledge and abilities in water collecting and storage, food preservation and rationing, and natural resource management for a long time. Old women in Africa, for example, constitute wisdom pools, with their inherited knowledge and expertise in early warnings and minimizing the effects of natural disasters.

Signed Abdulhamid Tahir Hamid CEO, of GECCI


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