Earth Day 2021; How plastic pollution’s out numbered aquatic animal in the oceans


By ibrahima yakubu

Earth Day 2021; Climate NGO mobilizes thousands of African youths on social media against environmental degradation.

A head of united nation international world earth day celebration 22th April 2021, Volunteers, scientist, Geologist ,climatologist and environmental experts under a non governmental organization African climate reporters has commences massive campaign through the social media and other media network across Africa with the aims of raising more awareness to the general public on the importance of protecting the environment against all forms of challenges including Air and water pollution to save human being and other living organisim in the environment.

Due to corona-virus pandemic and social distancing policies , the organization decided to go on digital and on-line campaign to avert the spread of the virus,while taking more sensitization and massive awareness to youth that are using mobile phones, Android phone and other application on the importance of cleaning the environment as the world celebrate Earth day

According to the country Director mr Nurudden Bello, The Director African Climate reporters during an interview with the journalist, he says , the earth is facing more and more dangerous and hazardous challenges as a result of human irrational activities that is capable of affecting human being, animals and all the living organism surrounding the environment.

Stressing that humans have introduced significant number of chemicals into the environment which are very harmful to marine animals and other living organism in the environment. He said while some chemicals are designed to get rid of weeds and pests, a significant amount of chemicals are waste from industrial and agricultural processes.

Bello added that the organization has started campaigning and awareness against the harmful effects of dumping trash dump in the society, and the threat of plastic waste into the stream, gutter and ocean which are becoming a huge problems to the existence of all aquatic animals and other living things

Social media encourages greater knowledge of climate change, mobilization of climate change activists, space for discussing the issue with others, and online discussions that frame climate change as a negative for society.

“Social media use is an important area within climate change communication and that is why we are using it to raise more awareness to the general public”

He said, it became mandatory for organization to used the social media and other digital ways toward mobilizing thousands of African youths and other environemental volunteers , in order to educate the society on how each and every individual can equally contribute his/her own quoter ,which is aimed at reducing the garbage on the street,at home,market,schools,and other social gathering center and the reduction of C20 in the atmosphere.

Nurudeen who is a science-climatologist and a specialist on micro-biologist says Plastic waste is littering our oceans,Rivers and threatening the lives of millions of marine animals. Seals, whales, dolphins, seabirds, fish, crabs and many other sea animals are dying and becoming sick because of this deadly environmental concern]

He note that every year,his organization usually organized clean-up kaduna river with other NGO/CSOs and volunteers ,so as to reduce the huge volume of trash and other plastic waste in the river,to save all the aquatic against hazardous chemical waste dumped into the river .

Eight million metric tons of plastic enter the world’s ocean every year. That’s like dumping a garbage truck full of plastic into the ocean every minute. If things don’t change, experts predict that by 2050, the oceans could have more plastic than fish,

People need to stop indiscriminate dumping of wastes in the streets, gutters and their neighbourhood. As a people, we don’t have good waste disposal culture. This is very unpleasant and unhealthy.

“we must continued the campaign and that is why we sensitizes thousands of African youths through the electronic media and social platform on the importance of earth day celebration”

“There is need for more volunteers across the region to join the campaign in order to raise more voices which is aimed at saving our environment and the earth that we are living in”

According to him, In a report in 2014 world wide ,it was estimated 15 to 51 trillion microplastic particles were floating in the world’s oceans, weighing between 93,000 and 236,000 tonnes.

The number has multiply by now due to human irrational activities of dumping all kind of trash into the river without knowing the consequences of this effects on other living organism

“Our oceans and sea were dominated by plastic not aquatic animals,hence the need to change our attitude of dumping all sort of trash into the gutter that usually ended-up in the river there-by killing our aquatic mamals”

The improper handling of chemical wastes is found in oceans and world’s water supply being treated like sewage or toxic waste dumps. He expressed sadness over the attitude of companies who dumped chemicals into water sources without recourse to the consequences.

“while calling on all environmental NGO/CSOs .traditional title holders and religion leaders to join the campaigh,he equally appealed to all women organization to join hands toward educating childrens various ways to keep the house and the surround clean.

“he called on African Union to support every African nation with ways of enhancing using renewable energies ,so as to save our forestry against increase demand of firewood and charcoal bussines with Timber”

Similarly Dr Piman Hoffman,who is the assistant Director African Climate Reporters, said that the African Union AU should encourage more recycling companies across the continent in order to reduce the volume of huge waste causing diseases and other environmental degradation..

He said that these would help in tackling waste causing various diseases and other environmental challenges in the society.and it would help in turning waste to wealth in the societies across the region

During an interview with Some Fishermen the River , they expressed total dissatisfaction over increase dumping of trash, toxic and other waste materials into gutters and the rivers that lead to gradual extinctions of fingerlings and aquatic animals.

World earth is celebrated every 22rth of April 2021


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