World planting day; Group Plant a seed of peace & happiness for better tomorrow


By ibrahima pima

A head of world international planting day which is equally(world forestry day) 21th march 2021, Teku international farm and Foundation for the protection of women and children in conjunction with African climate reporters has embark on sensitizing the general public on the importance of trees planting in their Houses ,schools, markets ,motor parks, places of worship and communities with the aims of protecting the environment against desertification, Climate change, deforestation and other ecological challenges .

According to the team leader of the Campaign Mallam Ibrahim salihu ,who is the general maganer Teku farm kaduna and a horticulturist who specialist in cross planting of varieties of plant species , says planting trees would surely help combat environmental challenges and reduce global warming.

While stressing the need to immensely involved every stakeholder in the society to support the fight against Global warming ,desertification, deforestation, Guilly erosion ,Flood and other forms of environmental degradation and natural disaster that the affecting the country every year.

The theme of the Campaign is ;Planting seed of peace ,joy and happiness for better tomorrow; which would last for one month;

He said , Trees are the stabilizers of the planet’s ecosystem. Adding that as forests return moisture to the air, they are fundamental in the formation of clouds, helping to regulate weather patterns, and as previously mentioned, participate in the production of breathable air for all surface life on the planet.

“while teaching youth and women the importance of trees planting in their environment , the group also raise awareness on Covid19 preventive measures to avert spreading”

“the group plans taking the campaign to various places including places of worships and football view center to sensitizes the public”

He said , As the world endeavors to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as set out by the UN, nations are called to mobilize their citizenry to work towards a sustainable planet earth.

The horticulturist also says , Peaceful coexistence between nations and communities is a binding factor to ensure achievement of these goals.

He emphasized on teaching children importance trees planting,so as to teach them ways of planting the seed of peace and happiness in order to shun all forms of religious differences and make the country move ahead

The Campaign which kickstart since last week is going to be one month event which is aimed at supporting United nation ,state and federal government of Nigeria toward reducing environmental challenges while educating the general public through the media on harmful effect of deforestation and global warming

Similarly ,The executive director of the foundation for the protection of women and children Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani highlight on the importance of teaching young schools children’s climate change education

Tijjani said this was necessary in order to help young children in the entire African countries understand and address the impact of global warming, and to encourages changes in the perspective view of Climate education among little once for the safety of their environment

Tijjani said “Our planet is warming day-by-day, and its temperatures are fast heading toward levels that scientists believe will threaten humans and the natural world in the future, therefore it is advisory and its very vital to immensely educate the young once in their school curriculum the importance of climate education and the various diseases associated with Global warming.”

Tijjani further said that Knowlegde of Climate education will surely Create opportunities for young people to learn more about climate change and the various way to adapt to any environmental and natural situation ,and how to adapt living in the environment

Responding,the patron African climate reporters Dr yusuf nadabo pointed that ,it became mandatory for every citizen to save the environment against all forms of ecological challenges bedeviling peace stability in the country

He said, Trees play an important role in controlling the excessive greenhouse gases that are resulting in global warming. Trees absorb the CO2 and in the return release a sufficient amount of oxygen in the air that are helpful for human and wildlife

Adding also that the demand for firewood and charcoal business is threatening the existence of Nigerian forestry hence to encouraged local bakeries to embrace new ways of baking in order to stop consuming forest trees

he said, As climate change and global warming become more of a threat to our planet’s ecosystem, ignorance and inaction must be replaced by attention and care for our urban and forest tree populations to survive.

He warned hunters against bush fire while hunting wildlife


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