How Nigerian volunteer peace worker sacrifices every month in taking peace Campaign to rural & Urbans communities to strengthening Christian-muslim relations .


In an effort toward promoting peaceful co-existence to all mankind, better under standing and strengthening interfaith activities across the northern part of Nigeria , A peace loving young muslim lady, Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani ,who is a volunteer peace worker has spend over 10 years taking peace Campaign missions to schools, Markets, mosques and churches and even football stadium with the aims of spreading the message of peace and unity among Nigerians,while sensitizing on side effect on vengeance attack,and religious extremism,

Ramatu who specialized in peace and conflict prevention in Nigeria has spend years preaching, teaching,informing and enlighten women and children’s including youth and other stake holders on the importance of religious tolerance, forgiveness, peace and unity.

She has been participating on activities related to de-radicalizing youth on religious extremism, Drugs abuses,gender –base violence and changing the lives of many commercial sex workers through visiting some of them and offer some skilled and capital on embrace another profession.

The Noble Corona-virus pandemic has enabled her with the opportunity to used social media and other media plat form spreading peace message and educating Nigerians on the need to always clean their environment in order to avert the spread of other tropical diseases in the region.

Indeed , there are So many activities related to peace building ,peace talk,Peace rallies ,as she usually carry- out every monthly activities on peace in communities, in order to sensitizes the general public on peace building and better understanding ,to end all forms of ethno-religious ,political killing bedeviling peace stability in the 19 northern states of Nigeria

During Corona –virus lock down, she was abled to meet with some House owners to appealed to them to cut-down the price of house rents to their tenants, in other to enabled them pay little amount to the house owner to avert conflict between both parties.
While the poor Nigerians cannot be able to buy Hand sanitizers,Facemask and hand globes, she distributed over 500 to the rural dwellers ,as she educate them on various to keep social distancing.

Her group and other Interfaith group pledges to use religion’s influence to address climate change, desertification, poverty and environmental degradation in Africa.

According to her , The aims of the interfaith gathering is to used trees planting to promote peace and religious tolerance among different faith base organization.

She note the planting trees would help in tackling farmers and cattle breeders fights and it would reduce desertification and environmental degradation.

It combines concrete climate action with education for sustainable lifestyles, while fostering a community of young African and European , dedicated to make a difference.

Large number of youth were invited to learnt how to plant the seed of peace in their home,schools and football station
Each Trees for Peace activity is carried out by young people (20 – 30) and is combined with workshops on sustainable living.

We believe that planting trees is a powerful way to bring people together, experience community and strengthen a sense of global responsibility and leadership in young people.

It can inspire youth from all backgrounds to be active citizens, joining together for a more sustainable, and peaceful future. And because we can achieve more together,

In a research by African Climate reporters,it shows clearly that every months,she used to do some activities related to peace building among youth,women and childrens.

This has help in uniting the people to reduce mosques and churches attacked and promote tolerance among the citizens
She note that COVID-19: Lockdown brings families closer, reunites broken homes .

According to a research conducted by her Foundation, under the leadership of Hajiya Tijjani, it clearly shows that apart from increase in domestic violence ,there is also a good story to tell about the relationship of married couples teeming up together to help the family in the midst of the corona-virus pandemic.

She said the lockdown has helped many married couples settle their
differences and grievances (between husbands and wives) and returned missing peace back to their homes.

“The lockdown has managed to bring husbands and wives, not just physically, but also emotionally closer to strengthening their family relationships and how to be helping each other even after the corona-virus pandemic,” she noted.

According to her, against the sad backdrop of the corona-virus that is causing serious problems to all aspects of human beings, “the lockdown has contributed immensely towards returning back the missing peace to many homes due to lack of better understanding among couples.

“It is obviously clear that lockdown by both state and federal governments to curtail the spread of corona-virus has enabled parents to be discovering the pleasure of spending time with their wives and children at home, and even spend more time teaching their kids other domestic activities.

“During this lockdown, many family men were seen helping their wives cooking, washing, cleaning the house and assisting their wives doing some domestic jobs to make them happy.

“The lockdown brought joy and happiness to many married women because it makes them get closer to their men throughout the lock down,” she noted


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