Maternal Mortality: Traditional ruler turns palace to Clinic to save women, children in Kaduna


Traditional title holder in kaduna turns his palace to clinic to reduce maternal mortality in his community.

The name of the community is called Kangimi Ubangida ,which is located in igabi local Government kaduna state north western Nigeria ,and its surrounded with six different villages on your way to Jos from kaduna.

This village has been in existence for about 180-200 years and the population of the residents here is over one million people according to local statistic ,which are predominantly Hausa and Fulani by tribe.

Majority of them are farmers, cattle rearers and petty trader, while most of the women remain as house wives due to lack of skilled acquisition to empowered them,

The six communities that surrounded the Kangimi –ubangida are Kangimi-Hayin ‘yan Tifa,Kangima-Hayin tsohun kwalta, Unguwar Kosubo,unguwar labin wura Koshi”Nomadic”,Unguwar Fulani shugaba Isa,Unguwar Mallam shumo,

Indeed ,Lack of primary health care or any medical centre in the entire Six communities force the head of the villages to turn his palace into Clinic ,in which most of the rural dwellers mostly women,childrens and elderly person do usually comes for treatment twice in a week.
Alhaji Abdullahi Ubangida is the head of the community”kangimi-ubangida” ,he told TraceReporter that visited the community that due to lack of hospital in the community, pregnant women spend about 17 -20 kilometers from the village to kawo general hospital for their anti-natal and to meet with specialist on counseling about child-birth spacing

He said that lack of health facility in the six communities made him to turn his palace to a Clinic for residents to access healthcare twice a week.

He said pregnant women trek 20 to 25 kilometers to access the nearest hospital in Kawo for antenatal care and other services.
Investigation also reveals that some of the women preferred going to Mararaba Jos to access healthcare.

“This challenge of health facility has made us to lose women during childbirth.

“It is in view of the challenge that I decided to meet with some health workers in town, pleaded with them to be coming to my community to help my people with drugs and other medical advice and donated my palace for them to render the services.

“I do travel on Mondays to town to bring drugs which I keep in my palace before the health workers visit on Tuesday morning. We lack storage facility to keep some of the drugs due to lack of electricity in the community,’’ he said.

He called on the state government to assist the community with a health center for easy access to health facility to save lives of the residents.

“This village has been in existence for about 180 to 200 years and the population of the residents here is over 40, 000 according to local statistic.
“Residents in the community are predominantly Hausa and Fulani by tribe and they have been living in peace and harmony for decades.
“Majority of them are farmers, cattle rearers and petty traders, while most of the women remain as house wives due to lack of skilled acquisition centres to empower them,’’ he explained.

Maryam Musa a resident of the community with five children, expressed concern over the suffering most pregnant women go through in the community as a result of lack of primary healthcare facility.
“Most of the women in the village like family planning, but there is no one or an organization that has ever volunteered to sensitize them about health matters or any preventive measure against infections or diseases.

“Some women still prefer to give birth at home to avert all sorts of suffering due to lack of PHC in the community.
“I want to appeal to Non-Governmental Organisations, Civil society Organisations, UNICEF, WHO and the state government to come to our rescue to save women from infants and maternal related deaths.


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