Nigeria; Rural Dwellers applauded FG for embacking on redredging 30 years abandoned Dam, which according to them will revived dry season farming & fishing..


Hundreds of rural farmers in Gurko community located in Giwa local Government of Kaduna state north western Nigeria were gathered to jubilate and appreciate the effort of the federal government for embarking on redredging 30 years old dam,

The neighboring communities of National Animal Production and Research Institute Shika has expressed their appreciation over the redredging of the dam which break down about three decades which causes serious set-back for the development of the entire communities that surround the dam

Speaking on the redredging work which is currently going on at the village, the Mai Anguwar Gurku Malam Gambo Dantsoho said if completed the dam will bring their farming and business activities back as it use to be in the past.

He said the effort put in place by the management of the NAPRI in ensuring the dam has been back to life is truly awesome.

He said, the community for the fast 30 resident in the community has been facing serious problems associated with scarcity of fresh and clean water to drinks, and for other domestic uses which is as a result of the collapsed dam and climatic factors.

According to him, when the redredging of the dam completed all those that left the village will be back for farming business and continued their Normal lives

“Our dry Wells will be back with its water and their life will improve and leave a better life like the rest of people living in the city”

Adding also that due to dryness of the Dam, many youth has left the community to another in the search of clean water to drink,

The district head also says , the community has been in existence for over hundreds of years and there are many thousands of residence there were still remaining in the community which are predominantly Hausa-fulani by tribe.

The Economic activities of the habitant are farmers and which they depend on farming during raining and dry seasons.

Additionally, The district head pointed out clearly that, when the repairing of the old dam is done , Majority of the village farmers that migrated to other community will surely comeback and continued their normal business of farming and fishing and also using the water dam for many economic activities

He said ,”we are really happy with the on-going dam redredging in our community and we will surely maintain it through the proper ways ,so as to avert dirt and other unnecessary trash into the dam”

While appreciating the efford of the National Animal production research institutes “NAPRI” for their commitment for supervising the federal government project, he then thanks the Director of the institute for all the assistance he has been given to the communities that surround the institute

Another farmer from the village Hassan Musa said, this is a welcome development to all the farmers and fishermen who are resident in the community

He said , with the reconstruction of the village dam, it is expected that all farmers must go back to their normal dry season farming this year

Hassan said, in the past 30 year,they stopped dry season farming due to lack of water in the area to farm the crops,but with this development, it is expected that all farmers will go back to dry season farming,

Responding, the chef engineer coordinating the Dam project Isiyaku garba Ahmed, says, they are also commiited in changing the dam to modern, in other to enabled farmers and villagers in the community to benefit from the Dam

He said, Dredging is an important waterway maintenance step, which is probably its most important application. By removing the accumulated debris, dredging can restore the waterway to its original depth and condition.

Dredging also removes dead vegetation, pollutants, and trash that have gathered in these areas.

He said, they are using all machine ,which include Bull-doser,new excavation machine and tipper truck with other equipment in evacuating the whole dirtiness of the Dam.
“we are digging-dip-down to the root of the water in other to enabled the villagers enjoyed the dam”

“we will evacuate all the dirt in the dam and reconstruct it the best way,and creat new ways for the passage of the water”

Dredging can remove contaminants that occur due to chemical spills, sewage accumulation, buildup of decayed plant life and storm water runoff.

The engineer also urged the villagers to be monitory the dam and trained them on various ways to be reducing the weight of the water dry raining season
In his remarks the Director of the Institute Professor Lakpini said the dam projects is a Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development .

He said there are other projects executed by the Institute such as roads networking the Institute and the neighbouring communities.

The director also stressed that Dredging helps ecosystems in a variety of ways. By removing trash, sludge, dead vegetation and other debris, it keeps the water clean and preserves the local wildlife’s ecosystems.

It also remediates eutrophication, which is an excess of nutrients in the water due to runoff. By solving eutrophication, you stop the excess growth of plant life, which can cause oxygen deprivation.

He concluding by saying that Dredging can help to restore the beachfront to its original condition. Beachfront areas often erode which can change their landscape and impact the local ecosystem.

Dredging reverses the effects of soil erosion, keeping the local ecosystem and its native plant and aquatic wildlife intact.

Meanwhile, African climate reporters in her own remark advices the resident on ways to maintain the dam to avert future problems,

Stating that Regular operation and maintenance as well as thorough and consistent inspection must be practiced throughout the lifetime of a dam,

Regular dam inspection and the review of inspection records are essential in assessing the need for carrying out dam repairs


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