Kaduna Damp Turns Refuse dump


This is a local Dam Located in Rigachukum -Kaduna North western Nigeria that was half Field with trash from community.Indeed this dam in some years back has helped many dry season farmers with water for farming,, but due to increased in population and so many development in the area .It shows clearly that the dam is now face with many challenges which include dumping of refuse and climatic factors.

The Dam can be useful to the community, and also the farmers, only if the necessary authority can help in reconstructing the dams

over 15 years back,research indicate that,the water from the local Dam used to be very clean,but as you can see here, the dam is full of trash dump from the community.

African Climate reporters there fore appealed to the necessary authority in finding means of saving the dam,so as to save the farmers and the residents in the area for future use.


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