Foundation wants climate change education in Nigerian school curriculum


by ibrahima

The founder of a Non-governmental organization in Nigeria “Foundation for protecting women and children” had advocate for the introduction of climate change education in Nigeria Primary ,secondary and tertiary schools.

He also urged African union “AU” to called on all African leaders in other to introduce climate change education in all school, so as to save the region from all form of threat and related diseases associated with climate changes

Founder of the NGO, comrade Ramatu Tijjani said this was necessary in order to help young children in the entire African countries understand and address the impact of global warming, and to encourages changes in the perspective view of Climate education among little once for the safety of their environment

Tijjani said “Our planet is warming day-by-day, and its temperatures are fast heading toward levels that scientists believe will threaten humans and the natural world in the future, therefore it is advisory and its very vital to immensely educate the young once in their school curriculum the importance of climate education and the various diseases associated with Global warming.”

“Today, worldwide, there is an apparent increase in many infectious diseases, including some newly-circulating ones (HIV/AIDS, hantavirus, hepatitis C, SARS, etc.This reflects the combined impacts of rapid demographic, environmental, social, technological and other changes in our ways- of-living. Climate change will also affect infectious disease Occurrence,” she said

Tijjani pointed out clearly that inciting Climate change education in Both primary,secondary and tertiary school curriculum will create greater awareness and youth participation in the protection of their environment ,and it will enabled children in leraning various method in adapting to climate change-related trends in their local community’s,

Tijjani further said that Knowlegde of Climate education will surely Create opportunities for young people to learn more about climate change and the various way to adapt to any environmental and natural situation ,and how to adapt living in the environment

According to her “Nigeria primary, secondary and tertiary school curriculum need to incorporate climate change issues like the rest of the world into the classrooms subject because Education is an essential element of the global response to climate change.”

The activist further mention that Educators need to help students learn more about climate change –in- and out side class room premises, and also introduce new methodologies in teaching science subject through local languages in other to enabled the young once understand the teaching of science subject to their own understanding.


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