Climate education for kids increases climate concerns for parents to be more committed toward saving environment


For Government and civil society organization with other environmental protection agencies to succeed in the daily battle against Climate change and reduce environmental challenges that is affecting Human ,animals and all the living organism across the planet, there is need to sensitize children’s on various issues related to Global warming, and other ecological challenges that is affecting the environment .

Children plays a significant role in supporting the fight against Climate change ,desertification, deforestation, soil erosion, and environmental degradation through trees plantings campaign in their local communities.

According to science-climatologist ,the assistant Director African Climate reporters Dr piman Hoffman says, climate change education is about giving people a good foundation in climate science and cultivating critical thinking skills, adding also that teachers can play a key role in making sure kids are well versed in the science of climate change in order to enabled them protect their environment against most of the ecological challenges.

He make the statement in a press released that wa s made available to the journalists while stressing that Kids need to learn about climate change as a fact that will determine their future, but it’s also a complex issue that may be difficult to digest at such an early age.

Teaching children’s at home/schools, on ways to reduce burning domestic materials and other waste items also help in tackling air pollution’s.

He said, involving childrens would surely in supporting communities to be free from consuming polluted air from the atmosphere.
Hoffman says parents are home need to come up with plans and strategist on ways to impact knowledge to their kids at home,example,How do you tell children that animals are dying from swallowing too much plastic, or that large corporations are causing deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions that threaten life Kids tend to learn better and model behaviour when they see other kids their age engaging in certain activities.

He says burning of waste tyres can triggered climate change and hence the need to raise more awareness to kids on dangers associated with polluting the environment while burning expired tyres
Parents can also walk their kids to school or carpool instead of walking, explaining the impact of air pollution caused by cars,refineries,componies and other local bakery houses.

Discuss the benefits of these activities so that children understand the importance of climate change awareness, which is beneficial for building long-term habits.

Practising eco-friendly habits in the home, like recycling, reusing and reducing single-use plastic by bringing your own containers, will rub off on them, too.

At school, teachers can also lead by example by separating waste in classrooms and cafeterias, planting trees, encouraging students to turn off lights and air-conditioning when not in use, etc.

He ended by saying that ,We give science teachers the tools and skills they need to help their students overcome misconceptions and misinformation about climate change and evolution


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