Climatologist urged environmental NGOs & CSO to support African union AU in the fight against Climate change & desertification.


To help in combating the effects of climate change, All nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and Civil society organization in 54 African countries were encourage to help communities toward raising more awareness on all issues related to Global warming,desertification,deforestation and environmental degradation .
In an interview with kaduna Journalists , Dr piman Hoffman ,The director African climate reporters say, there is need to engaged more NGO&CSO in the region, so as to save the communities on issues that has to do with combatting climate change and desertification that is affecting human and wildlife .

According to him ,NGOs were encourage to help developing countries mitigate carbon emissions, vulnerable populations that still need help in adapting to the impacts of climate change through the following.

Firstly ,Non –Governmental organization NGOs and civil societies organization CSO s need to motivated peoples to go to the communities at the grassroots level to motivate them in Tress planting in their communities.

Secondly,-NGOs should be trained to convince people to plant trees on self-help basis without expecting any help from anywhere. This will promote the sense of ownership in them and they will look after each sapling till it becomes a tree

Thirdly ,NGOs of each area should be called and a representative of registration authority mobilize them to full participate in the drive

Forthly ,Various registration authorities of NGOs should be first assigned to pick the best NGOs of each area to participate in tree plantation campaign.

Fifthly, On their consenting each NGO should be assigned the task to plant trees in a specified area under the guidance of Task Force
Dr Hoffman says, African climate reporters is planning to commences distribution of over 100,000 trees annunally to remote areas,
And the aims is to educate rural dwellers on the importance of tress in the communities
He concluded by calling on Government to support recycling company,while calling on Government to immensely cut-down prices of Kerosine,
While calling on government to introduce toughper punishment for bush burners,and those that are turning forest trees to charcoal business


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