Scientists sensitizes 500 school students on climate change


The Team of Volunteer scientists under African climate reporters has taken the campaign to schools,
The aims is to raise general awareness to all students on all issues related to global warming, and explained reasons why many plants and animals gone extinction as a result of climate change and other factors associated with environment degradations.

The Director African Climate reporters Mr Nurudden Bello,who is also the Head of Department (HOD) school of health science Makarfi,kaduna state north-western Nigeria says,climate change has posed a great threat and serious challenges to the existence of human,animals and event the plants.
According to him,Taking the campaign to schools would help toward educating and enlighten students on dangers associated with climate change,and how is affect health sectors,Economy,environment and every aspect of human life.

“We need to let the whole world know that climate change is not a future problem, it’s a current problem that need to be address ”

The theme of the event is ”catch them young and speak to them on climate change and their environment”.
Among the team of volunteers scientists that toke part in the campaign are Geologist, Doctors,environmentalists ,journalist climatologist and expert on micro-organism
Nurudeen added that climate change has causes the spread of so many dangerous diseases and different flies across the planet
He says ,Many wild life animals are struggling to survive in the forest as a result of climate change, while large number of forest Lizards and Tortoise and big birds have gone extinct and many are on the way due to the increasing threat posed by climate change and human activities in the entire region of Africa.
“Many animals are silently dying without the relevant forestry authorities noticing due to scarcity of water,” he added.
He further say that we need lower emissions on motor vehicles.
“We need more alternative fuel vehicles, We need clean sources of energy and We need to offer incentives to people to make the changes that need to be made.
Large number of Student were sensitizes on the importance of trees planting Campaign in their schools,Home, streets,football pitch,Gardens and park

Responding one of the school student of womenhood school of health science kaduna Maimuna sani expresses satisfaction and thanks the team of the volunteers for the job welldone ,while calling on more climatologist from Northern Nigeria to also take this type of campaign to other schools


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