Slow reaction in issues related to climate change in Africa


Africa is often overlooked in discussions about climate change and when it is not, the continent is seen as being at the receiving end. Here, as in so many other domains, Africans are seen as victims, rather than as agents for change.
Believed me or not , One of the biggest threats to coastal and marine systems in Africa is climate change,
However, it is time to provide some nuance to that picture: Africans themselves are playing their part, both in fighting against new dirty energy projects and in helping people to cope with climate change as it occurs.
,The impacts are already being detected in many areas of the continent
African countries often lack the data, the computing power and the analytical ability to take action
Africa has been identified as one of the parts of the world most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change,yet there is slow commitment by the leaders in the region in the fight against climate change and other environmental challenges that is affect all sectors of human endeavors
There is need for African union to be more committed in raising more awareness to all issues related to climate change and environmental challenges
All environmental NGOs and CSO need to also double-up effort in raising more awareness on the dangers of desertification and deforestation and the dangers of bush burning by local hunters in the entire region of Africa


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