Climate worriers calls for more awareness in Nigeria & Africa


Climate Change is already affecting life as we know it and its effects have already been felt in different parts of the world. The Earth’s atmosphere is warming faster than it probably ever has. In some cases, the climates and natural environments are changing quicker than people can adapt.
Climate change, simply put change in global weather patterns, is unarguably the biggest environmental issue of our time. Climate change is global in its causes but its consequences are far more reaching in developing countries particularly Nigeria whose biodiversity and ecosystems are already faced with other threats like habitat degradation, ecology-economics mismatch and escalating population growth
Despite the significant role of carbon storage among other vital benefit to man’s existence, they are daily unsustainably deforested with little or no regeneration plan. Deforestation thus leads to emission of carbon dioxide, major constituent of Greenhouse Gases into the atmosphere making change in land cover second largest contributor to global warming.

There is need for more awareness on all issues related to climate change in the entire region of Africa
Although Nigeria may not have the finance resources or sophisticated technology to mitigate climate change, the country is endowed with mosaic of natural ecosystems that have the capacity for carbon sequestration. NCF therefore plans to combat climate change in Nigeria through:
•Implementation of Reducing Emission from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) for Protected Area management.
•Development of REDD Action Plan (REDDAP) for Nigeria in collaboration with relevant Government agencies, private sector and civil societies.
•Engaging in climate change policy discussions especially on REDD.
•Scientific research on carbon stock assessment/forecast

There is also the need for all stake holders to support the fight in their local area and communities


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