Kaduna Community School students uses Art works to create Climate & Global warming awareness


Abakwai community school students in kaduna state north-western Nigeria now uses drawing ,skirt and other Art work to raise awareness in school, in other to educate their friends ,relations and family’s at home on the effect of global warming and climate change in the society through drawing many object that are symbolic to climate changes.

Mallam mohammed Jamilu is the school director and he told journalist shortly after students presentation today that Drawing is one of the early foundations of logical thinking or abstract thought for a child because it help them prepare for understanding more difficult concepts.

According to him Drawing enables child’s imagination to become more active adding that Each time they draw they access their imagination and make physical representations of what’s in their mind.

He said ,Learning these creative ways of thinking at an early age readies a child for future education and it Provide the kids with a variety of materials to draw , for example crayons, paint, chalk – and don’t forget digital media tools too, to help them get used to the tablets and other computers that they’re sure to use frequently in the future

The school students takes the global warming and climate change campaign to their home after school ,in which they educate their friends at home,relatives and family through drawing.

He said Climate change refers to significant, long-term changes in the global climate, Climate change, also called global warming, refers to the rise in average surface temperatures on Earth. An overwhelming scientific consensus maintains that climate change is due primarily to the human use of fossil fuels, which releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the air.

Jamilu further says Children can’t always express themselves using words and actions, but drawing is another important form of communication. You can gain an insight into your child’s thoughts and feelings through their drawings. Being able to express what they feel also boosts a child’s emotional intelligence

Adding that Playing activities such as drawing, painting, cooking, dance, music, sports, etc. ignite imagination and creativity leading to overall development. Parents should realize the importance of such activities for their kids

In his own remarks the patron African climate reporters Dr yusuf Nadabo says drawing developed the artistic intelligence and independence of students,and it help the students with creative mind and make them become more skillful

He says,drawing is a vital tool which help student learn quickly through drawing object ”it make student adapt and learnt faster than other through drawing most especially the younger once,so we shall encourage our kids the act of drawing from kindergarten ,nursery and primary school.”

He then appealed to parents to help little children at home with drawing object, while emphasized on the importance of supporting children with other learning material

African climate reporters supported the students with gift items for the best performance ,in other to appreciate them on the effort to raise climate change and global warming through drawing beautiful object

The patron added that there is need in the future to set inter-schools competition in the states,with the aims of raising more awareness on climate change through many Art-work,and other creative works ,

African climate reporters is committed in helping young once in discovering their skilled and become more productive in the future

The school students expressed satisfaction and urged other to join them in the campaign against climate change through drawing and other Art works


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