GECCI joined federal Govt to lunch energy transition plan


By Abdulhamid Tahir Hamid

The GECCI team joined the Nigerian Federal Government to launch its Energy Transition Plan, tailored to guide the country toward the twin objectives of achieving universal access to energy by 2030 and a carbon-neutral energy system by 2060.

The UN Deputy Secretary-General, CEO of Sustainable Energy for All, UNDP Nigeria, and UNDP Africa, launched the energy transition plan, led by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and other stakeholders such as ministers and directors.

On behalf of the GECCI Management Team, we congratulate the Nigerian Government on the launch of the Energy Transition Plan and look forward to working with all relevant stakeholders, both local and international, in the GECCI Energy Compact, which is the country’s second ambition towards achieving goals.
Similarly, the SDG7 Energy Compact of the Global Environmental and Climate Conservation Initiative (GECCI) is a Next Decade Action Agenda to advance SDG7 on Sustainable Energy for All, in line with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change goals. focusing on the achievement of SDG7, to accelerate action for clean, affordable energy for all.

Follow the link below to find the attached ambition.


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