Climate change;Group seeks FG’s support to plant 10million trees across Nigeria


A group, Association of Flower Nursery and landscaping practitioners Nigeria, AFNALPA, has sought N1billion support from the Federal Government, FG, to plant 10 million trees across Nigeria.
It was during a walk by government and keyplayers in the environment ecosystem, in Abuja, that the president of AFNALPA, Mrs. Mary Omoh, said the poor climate condition experienced in the world, particularly in Nigeria was due to deforestation.

She urged the government to take the project of tree plantation as a duty call as it would undo the effects of deforestation across the country and boost environmental development.
She said: “we are out to celebrate life. Because we know that planting a tree gives life, plant a tree, save a life. That is why we are out today to sensitize the public to make them know the importance of having trees around them.

“We can see the desertification, we can see the climate change all over but all we are trying to do this time is to see how to correct it. And to see how this event can help us to come out with our program that we have with the Great Greenwald. We are planting 10 million trees.

We want them to know what we are planning and how we have gone out to sensitize the people and also want the government to be involved in this event and the funding of this event so that we’ll be able to carry on the 10 million tree campaign that we have been talking about.

“We want the government to support us by founding founding this campaign, because it’s a campaign that will benefit the entire nation is a campaign that will benefit everyone in the nation. So we are inviting all our stakeholders.

The presidency, the minister FCT we have invited every one of them the Minister of environments already partnering with us in this event.”

“we need not be less than 1 billion to fund the 10 million tree planting all over the country. We’re taking it around the country, not just FCT we’re taking the tree planting to: sokoto, kano, Maiduguri, Zamfara, Katsina, Gombe, Abia. We are taking it all through the country.

“Many people don’t know about the climate change. How Attend to educate people? We can all feel it. We are feeling it even here. We are feeling especially the heat around us. That’s to tell us that we are running short of plants

Also speaking, the Chairman of organizing committee of AFNALPA, Alhaji Yusuff Ismaila, pointed the needfulness of trees in the society, stating that the Government should make it a primary duty of tree planting across Nigeria.

He said: “We’re actually out today to sensitize the residents of Abuja on the importance of tree. Why do they need to plant trees and we just want to see how we can invite them, let them be at the International Women’s Center that day been on 9th and 10th of March. To to hear more, because we have done quite a lot.

So many things we need to tell you about the plants, starting from the absorption of Carbon monoxide from our environment and also filtering the air, the oxygen we are taking in this plant will make sure you don’t you don’t take in adulterated oxygen.

There are some of our plant that if for any reason even once in a month you are taking it you will be far away from all form of cancer.

“We have some that are anti-snake, reptiles ,some of them that is will be far away from your houses. On the 9th and 10th of march, we want our public to know and be there that day to hear more from us so the ozone layer is depleted.


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