Environment day; Experts trains 50 students importance of trees planting for kids to support the fight against desertification and global warming


More than 50 primary school students at Olive international school located in kaduna state north-western Nigeria were sensitizes on the importance of Trees planting in their environment, so as to enable them support the fight against climate change ,desertification, and environmental challenges that are threatening the existence of both plant and animals.
The school director Hajiya zulai umar mohammed ,says the essence of the training is to educate the children’s on the contribution of trees in our daily lives ,and how they will support federal and state Government and other Non-governmental organization NGOs including civil society organization CSO in raising more awareness toward protecting the environment against all forms of natural disaster and diseases.
She said Kids and students become more intelligent learning under trees or on the trees simply because Trees give fruits for hungry kids when they are coming to home especially in villages, .stressing also that Trees are our teachers. We can learn many things from trees and plants to become valuable for country, society and enjoyable for kids.

“Trees are important source of oxygen and natural air filters adding also that Trees are natural water conversations and filters that are very importance to the existence of all manking on earth”
She said, The best way to teach kids about the importance of trees is to demonstrate eco-friendliness by example. If they see you planting trees and caring for the environment, they will value the idea.
“Trees are important for environment, economic, social and personal development,therefore we must teach our childrens how to plants a trees and how to protect it “
She how ever said, the school is planning to introduce climate change education for the kids,so as to educate them learnt many thing about the effect of global warming and health challenges associated with climate change
“we gathered them to Teach them how to plant trees,even if it means growing small 4 to 5 potted plants in their Ghettos. We want to teach them how to take care of their trees, and make them responsible for the daily watering process”.
She then called on federal and state government to end deforestation while calling on all stake holders to be more committed in the fight against falling-down of forest trees
Responding Alhaji mohammadu maganin, who is The district head of Unguwan Badikko that toke part of the trees campaign in the school, emphasizes on the need for community to be also take part in planting more trees in the areas

Pointing out clearly that ,people in the community need to show commitment on their own part
In his own message to the world environment day, the patron African climate reporters Dr yusuf nadabo ,a senior lecturer at the department of Anatomy A.B.U zaria
He said there is the need to spread the awareness about trees and plantation on social media,so as to attract more youth to be involved in the exercise.
Nadabo says ,Plantation of new trees should be mandatory for industrial industries Texxtile companies or manufactures who produce more pollution in the air and water.
While calling on People to support environmental initiatives of NGO’s, Government policies, and communities working in the plantation of new trees, protections and environment awareness.
He concluded by calling on federal government to declare state of emergency in the forestry,so as to save the entire forestry against continuous cutting down of trees without planting new once in the community.


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