Climate change;African Albinos may faces extinction in the nearby future due to threat of extreme hot weather that is disturbing their lives


There is no double that extreme hot weather is a big threat to the life of an albino in Africa, as large number of them faces an immediate threat to their lives ,which makes them find lives extremely difficult ,as they cannot stand high temperatures.

Climate change has really affected people with albinism and many have died due to extreme hot weather in Africa and some part of the world

The young man am interviewing beside me,narrate series of daily challenges he encountered when ever is a sunny day,sometimes he cannot even comes out of the house due to hot weather

But the big question here is How Do Little children with Albinism survived the hot weather in the rural area? There are so many question on answered.

It shows clearly that many parents with Albinos children always find it extremely cost to protect their Kid in a hot weather,also adapting to the hotweather is another great challenges most of these kids faces in Ghettos and rural areas

Network of climate and environmental reporters in Africa in it’s effort to create awareness is currently conducting a research with some climatologist and health expert, on finding various ways of advising parents with Albinos kid

There has been very little research done in the genetics behind adaptations to heat and cold stress. Data suggests that certain parts of the Human genome  have only been selected or recently.

Research on gene-culture interaction has been successful in linking agriculture and lactose tolerance. However, Social adaptations enabled early modern humans to occupy environments with temperatures that were drastically different from that of Africa



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