Anatomist ,Climatologists warns Africans ; Tackle climate change in your communities to avert out break of natural diseases & disaster cause by Human activities.


The patron African Climate reporters Dr Yusuf Nadabo has called on Africans to wake-up and support the fight against climate change that is affecting Human, Animals and even the plants in the communities

Dr yusuf who is the former head of Anatomy department at kaduna state university pointed out clearly that Climate change has leads to changing weather patterns and these changes are likely to have a significant impact across the world most especially to the developing countries like Nigeria

According to him these changes could be related to weather, geology, biology or even factors outside the Earth. Examples are earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts and flooding.

Disease epidemics are sometimes considered natural disasters, but may be put into a different category.
He says In some cases, natural and human factors may combine to produce a disaster which could he very harmful to human existence in the region due to continuous attitudes of individuals in creating many problems that support climate changes

Human activities has contributed immensely to climate change in Africa ,even scientists has come out clearly and blame individuals for creating natural disaster that is affecting Human,animals and the environment he lives

Adding that Human being has causes the emergence of many diseases which are now affecting humans,and among them are Bird Flu,Babesiosis,cholera,Parasites,Lyme disease,sleeping sickness,Malaria,Tuberculosis,Ebola etc

changes in the global climate exacerbate climate hazards and amplify the risk of extreme weather disasters. Increase of air and water temperatures leads to rising sea levels, supercharged storms and higher wind speeds, more intense and prolonged droughts, heavier precipitation and flooding.

Indeed ,Africa’s natural hazards are mainly epidemics, endemic diseases, drought, floods, agricultural pests and bush fires, but some areas are also susceptible to earthquakes, cyclones and volcanic eruptions.

The natural hazards interact with manmade ones, such as armed conflicts, air, road and railway incidents, other industrial hazards such as mining accidents, chemical spills, etc., and with widespread vulnerability.

Nadabo, then suggested ways to reduce the problems which are as follows
1-There is the need to sensitize the general public on the dangers of cutting down forest trees without planting a new once in the communities
2- Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, for example using energy sensibly in our homes.
3- Ensure our communities, infrastructure, services, businesses, and the natural environment are resilient and able to cope with a changing climate, in particular extreme weather events.
4-Religious leaders and traditional title holder need to be involved in the campaigh against climate change
5-media should also be involved in disseminating information about climate change and the dangers of dumping refuse into the gutter
6-Musician should also need to support in the fight through their songs and lyric

A climatologist from Niger Republic Mr moussa Dan Auta,says ,there is the need for African countries to find new means of recycling waste to wealth,,also adding that African government must rise up and support the fight against climate that is becoming a big threat to human,animals and even the aquatic lives


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