I saved millions of marine endergered species against going extinctions through recycling plastic from oceans to tiles and interlocking . science journalist


By Mary Diallo

Scientists round the world has applauded the efforts of Nigerian science journalist who has spend over 12 years writing series of science and environmental related stories which is toward the protecting marine animals against going extinctions .

According to African institute of waste management (AIWME) and environmental studies, his comittment towards making lives betters for the Marine environment has educated millions of people on harmful effects associated with dumping all sort of trash and garbage into the Marine environment

His devotion toward changing the narrative of science and environmental reporting has drawn the attention of world scientists and other agencies related to the protection of marine environments.

Ibrahima yakubu, who is a science journalist working day and night toward protecting wildlife and marine mammals against going extinctions due to human irrational activities of dumping all sort of trash and garbage into the river and oceans has created a forum where scientists, geologist, climatologists from West African region always meet twice in a year for science journalism conferences in Nigeria.

The young science journalist has written over 1000 different stories related to climate, change ,desertification, deforestation and environmental degradation in multiple local and international languages towards sensitising the general public on the harmful effects of cigarette smoking, etc .


His science reportages has contributed immensely towards saving aquatics animal’s and other living organism along the river bank from going extinctions.

His environmental His stories has made residents along banks to stop throwing thrash and plastic into the Marine environment thereby causing flood and other natural disasters.

Most a time’s, he bough fish and other aquatic mammals from Fisher men and released back to the River in order to increased the population of animals


He has sensitised thousands of Nigerian youth on annual participation of River clean up to save aquatic against thrash and plastic pollution. The scientists has saved millions of marine endergered species through collecting plastics and other garbage while transforming and recycling them into tiles and interlocking tiles for constructing houses that can last for hundreds of years

He said every year, group of volunteers usually joined his team on cleaning up the river and collect all the plastic waste which would be used for building materials. Indeed, there organization African climate reporters has embarked on collecting various waste plastic in Kaduna metropolis with the aim of recycling them into interlocking-tiles, blocks, and roofing-tiles, and so many other things for decorating houses, so as to protect the environment


Apart from news reporting which is aimed at educating the general public, they equally used to collect the plastic waste from communities and River banks to saved marine animals This tried-and-tested new technique of turning waste plastic into interlocking-tiles, blocks and roofing-tiles is very low-cost and helps keep plastic waste out of the environment completely Some of the plastic waste polluting the Marine environment where transformed into facitiies for constructing building and other structures.

According to him, it would take hundreds of years to decompose, because the interlocking tiles were being constructed with purely plastic waste, adding also that  there is a market for the product

The plastic has a lot of impact to the community, environment, human health and even to agricultural land. “That is why we are using our technology to recycle them and help Nigerians transformed them into money”

Recycling of waste plastics is one of the best technologies to avoid environmental air pollution from burning the plastics.

As the human population continues to increase, the quantity of solid wastes generation also increases; that is, the government needs solutions.

“We must join hands in tackling all the challenges disturbing our environment; we must support government at all costs in bringing an end to deforestation and pollution, in order to save our country from climate changes,”

As a journalist, apart from writing news related to environmental degradation, I also take part in recycling the plastic waste to save aquatics animal’s and other living organism in the environment.




Recycling your waste makes you more responsible in the way you use and dispose of it. It is evident from studies that people, who do this instinctively, cut down on buying unwanted things from the supermarket



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