WIHW 2023. Nigerian pastor organise Community Dialogue for Conflict Mitigation and Reconciliation Activity to promote interreligious tolerance and forgiveness.


By Ramatu Diallo

The general overseer of Christ evangelical and life intervention ministry kaduna pastor yohanna buru has flag -up 2023 world international interfaith week and harmony through organizing community dialogue to mitigate conflicts and prevent ethno-religion crisis in the state

According to him this is part of this year interfaith week and harmony campaign which is aimed at educating the general public on the importance of peace and unity, better understanding and forgiveness.

The Christian clergy says
This is the first Community Dialogue for Conflict Mitigation and Reconciliation (CDRP) in the region he organize which is going to last for 2 days and it’s aimed
at addressing violent behavior, reconciling differences, and promoting greater understanding and mutual trust in communities in kaduna South

While stressing that the 2 days meeting at the community is to Facilitate a process where community members can address the underlying causes of conflict and trust, regain dignity, and enable trust, reduce social and mental distress by giving new and adequate meaning to conflicts caused by religion, land, or lack of trust in project locations

The whole gold is to Improve communities’ capacity to create an enabling environment that enhances community engagement where people can reconnect with one another to build trust and safety

And lastly, as the world celebrate world international interfaith week and harmony they are going to Increase community cohesion by conducting community leaders’ forums and high school peace clubs to build social bonds and increase access to community members’ information.

Furthermore ,the clergy stressed that the Communities would learned more ways to Dialogue issues related to conflict and resolved them in the friendly way, so as to allows groups of people, with a diversity of perspectives, to listen, share, and discover – all in the name of community change

It must be recalled that pastor yohanna is The 2022 winner of the world international interfaith week and harmony

Adding that The world Interfaith Harmony Week is a UN resolution for a world-wide week of interfaith harmony proposed in 2010 by King Abdullah ll and prince Ghazi bin Muhammad of Jordan,
The week also recognizes the moral imperatives of all religions, convictions, and beliefs call for peace, tolerance, and mutual understanding

He said, We are taking the Campaign to all places of worships,social gathering,market places, schools,Hotel, Car-park,football view centers, Temples,football stadiums,internally displaced people IDPs, traditional wrestling center and to all media house including the on-line.

Responding, one of the resident in the community called on all the adherance of bath religion to live in peace and harmony


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