Three Top Nigerian churches joined kaduna renowned Islamic scholar to celebrate maulud through community Tour and matching to promote interreligious tolerance


Thousands of Muslims with 3 church leaders take to the streets in kaduna state North western Nigeria to join the Tour and marching parade to strengthening Christian and Muslims relationship .

The Muslim devotees participating in the procession wears white clothes and colorful green turbans with beautiful Horses ,donkeys, and other animals dress up with admirable attires

This peaceful procession is usually characterized by everyone in the procession singing praises to God, especially around the predominantly Muslim part of the city

According to the organizer of the annually maulud tour celebrations at tudun -wada kaduna south sheick salihu abdullahi Mai baro ,

The essence of the maulud Tour and matching the streets is to celebrate the birth of the Holy Prophet Mohammed SAW

Adding that for many years, they have been celebrating with Christians and the aims of strengthens peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance among the adherence of the two religions believers .

In most parts of Nigeria, a procession comprising of men, women and children, choose a starting point and march towards a central mosque. The procession is usually so long it is impossible to see the beginning and the end.

Hundreds of cars ,vehicles are known to join this procession, which is not just a celebration of the birth of Prophet Muhammed, but also a time to reflect on his teachings. This is really a celebration for the whole family, as children who join the procession are known to sing along with the adults or just wave green flags from the windows of the accompanying vehicles.

Delivering his speech during the kick up of the tour, the general overseer of Christ evangelical and life intervention ministry sabon Tasha kaduna South pastor yohanna buru,

He said maulud celebrations provide a golden opportunity for Christians to meet, dialogue and interact with Muslims and deliberate better ways to move the country ahead.

Buru said, every year, thousands of Muslims from all over the country usually come to his church for Christmas celebration which is the birth of Jesus Christ.

He said, last week maulud celebrations at Ahmadu bello stadium, over 25 pastor’s and other Christians join the celebration to strengthening Christian and Muslims relationship in the region.

He said, we are Christians and our Bible encourage us to be our brothers keepers .

“we must remember that we are from one family Under God ”

“we are the children’s of Adam and eve ”

“we both have holy books sent from one God ”

“we all believe in paradise and hell, therefore we should be our brothers keepers”

Buru said, celebrating maulud goes beyond Muslims alone simply because the prophet is for every man kind irrespective of tribe, religion, cultural and historical difference.

“every year I attended over 25 to 30 different maulud celebrations in Nigeria and some times at other African neighbouring countries like Niger Republic, bene republic etc.

Similarly, ECWA Gospel church tudun -wada, kaduna South representative from a different church mr shehu Dan Boyi says there is need for both Muslims and Christians to maintain good relationship

Mr Shehu Dan boyi added that he has been living in tudun -wada which is a community dominated by 100 percent Muslims for over 50 years

Added that Muslims has been his good friend who always protect him and his family

According to him, his brothers Muslims that are his neighbors have been living in the area in peace and harmony

He then called on Muslims and Christians to always live in peace and harmony with one another

The third church visited sheick salihu abdullahi Mai baroda house and felicitate with him and expressed happiness for coming to the sheick house


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