How to Control Environmental Degradation?


Controlling Environmental Degradation: The environment provides us with basic needs essential for survival. Humans play an integral role in the ecosystem and are guilty of harming the planet. Our activities affect not only the environment but also the organism that exists with us.

Environmental degradation is the deterioration of the environment due to various factors. Global warming, deforestation, environmental pollution, and greenhouse gases are some of the causes of environmental degradation. The following factors also cause it:

Ozone layer depletion

The sudden increase in temperature and the tragedy of large icebergs melting in Antarctica is proof of a deteriorating environment.

Environmental degradation needs to be considered as a serious issue. The ecological crisis may lead to destruction. The ecosystem needs to be protected before it’s late. There are several consequences of economic degradation. They are as follows:

forest fires
biodiversity loss
climate change
respiratory illness
natural disasters


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