World press freedom day; media specialist warned against recruiting quacks into journalism


    by ibrahima

    3rd may world press freedom day illustration vector image

    Worried over how some media out pit in the country are now turning phone callers ,quacks and other un-professional into the field of journalism ,

    The assistant Director African Climate reporters Dr Piman Hoffman has called on all media houses across the country to stop recruiting phone callers –and other un-trained personnel as journalists in order to save the profession.

    According to him, there is need to addressed the increase number of quacks and other unprofessional into the profession, in view of the set-back they are bringing to the noble profession day-by-day.

    Adding that Nigerian union of journalist, National Press council ,and National broadcasting corporation with other network and agencies that protect journalist right must joined hands collectively to tackle this problem that is affecting media organization .

    “There is need to joined hands collectively ,so as to kick out quacks in the profession”

    He said ,Most private media are now recruiting un-professional into the field of journalism without knowing the ethic of the profession .

    “they are using them for cheap -labor, while abandoning the trained once that are graduate from schools of journalism and mass communication”

    Piman said, as the world celebrate world international press freedom day, there is need for all media organization to be recruiting only professional journalist, so as to enabled them do their job perfectly without any hindrance

    He called on media organization to be paying their workers on time in order to strengthens their efforts,while drawing the attention of media out pit that usually don’t pay their staff to halt such attitutes

    Also Appealing to media organization to be equipping their staff with any necessary working materials and gadget , with training on developmental journalism to enhance their strength.

    While calling on journalist world-wide to shun all forms of yellow-journalism and join states and federal government ,stake holders on peace building on the fight against Fake-news on the social media out let

    African climate reporters then called on Nigerian Union of journalist to fight quacks , and make show that all media organization are paying ther staff regularly to avert violating journalists right

    As covid 19 pandemic continued to exposed many things, there is need to trained more science journalist in order to support the fight against the spread of the virus

    World press freedom day is usually celebrated on the 3rd of march every


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