Global organization strengthening ties to support young people in the fight against Climate change


By ibrahima

Global Organization Commits unequivocally to investing in young people and awards the World’s Most Powerful Ambassadorship position to important personalities Globally including (United Kingdom, Palestine and others)

The Global Environmental and Climate Conservation Initiative Honored five important personalities from the United Kingdom and Palestine as its Ambassadors at Large and Ambassadors in their Commitment towards the Youth, Peace and achieving sustainable development.

The awardees are as follows: Ambassador Adam Gheasudiin, Ambassador at Large Aurangeb Akbar, Ambassador Muhammad Tanveer Khan, Ambassador Saleem Shahzad,
Ambassador Muhammad Wasiq Ali,
and Ambassadors at Large Nedal Katbeh Bader from Palestine.

Global ECCI Ambassador Award is given to an individual who demonstrates an extraordinary commitment on one or more of the following areas: societal impact, service to the Earth and space community, scientific leadership, and promotion of talent/career pool.
The ambassador is a person who advocates for a specific cause or global issue on the basis of their notability as a public figure.

Global Environmental and Climate Conservation Initiative (Global ECC Initiative) Nigeria is an independent global campaign organization that aims to be a global leader in environmental and climate conservation with a view to ensuring a healthy environment and ecosystem balance for sustainable development in Collaboration with over 100 Governmental and Non- Governmental Organizations across the world.

Its activities and presence spanned over 90 countries around the world with over 22,000 teams campaigning for sustainable agriculture, biodiversity protection, and encouraging socially responsible farming.

Also, On 18th to 21st January 2021,
The Nigerian Government under the Environmental Health Officers Registration Council of Nigeria (EHORECON) Federal Ministry of Environment Organized a remarkable Train the Trainer Workshop on Environmental Health Emergency Response held at the Abuja Enterprise Agency (AEA), involving twenty (28) members of Global Environmental and Climate Conservation Initiative (GECCI).

With the target of the Government to train 20,000 Global ECCI Members across Nigeria for Skills, acquisitions Training in the five different areas with The Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) which was set up as an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development (FMYSD) and funded by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to invest in youth ideas to build sustainable businesses that can activate enterprise and increase job opportunities in Nigeria.

The fund is dedicated to investing in innovative ideas, skills & talents of Nigerian youths aimed at turning them into entrepreneurs, wealth creators and employers of labor, contributing to national development.

The remark made by some of the participants:
Amb. Abbas Yahaya Benue State President revealed some of the achievements from the workshop as follows
1. Developing both new and existing business ideas into a successful business plan.
2. The value of and what it takes to become an emergency response agent.
3. The roles and responsibilities of NIN enrollment agent.

And the Plateau State Nigeria President Amb. Manji Henry mentioned that;
(1) he learned how a group of people with the purposeful aim can help in an emergency situation through close user group CUG
(2) He learned the best way to preserve meat, fish, egg, and milk to prevent bacteria from infiltrating it.
(3) He learned the best way to manage a business and procurement of bank loans.

The Chief Executive officer of Global ECCI Mr. Abdulhamid Tahir disclosed that this training clearly shows that Global ECC is a step up to a more valuable and rewarding mutually beneficial collaboration with both nationally and internationally acclaimed partners and like minds on broader global environmental issues.

In the past, people travel by locomotive which is slow and prone to breakdowns. But today we travel by electric trains which are faster, safer and more efficient. Take a step up; make your journey by electric train. Global ECC Initiative (GECCI) is like your electric train.

Finally, Mr. Tahir revealed their Commitment and Plans to Organized a Global round table 2021 in London, the United Kingdom where all Global ECCI Ambassadors and Members across the United Kingdom would Participate, follow up with the Visitation Contact and Meeting of the relevant Stakeholders across the United Kingdom


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